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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •      March 21, 2019
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Airport & FBO Fees Listed on FltPlan

IMAGEWhen touching down at your destination, the last thing you need is to be caught off guard by fees you weren’t aware of. To keep our users prepared, FltPlan has added airport and FBO fee information from the AOPA database to many of our airport listings (Airport/FBO Info Page > Airport & FBO Fees Button in green). IMAGE

Accessible through, FltPlan Go, and Garmin Pilot, this free listing provides users with a concise, comprehensive overview of the different fees they may encounter. Pilots looking to be prepared for these fees on their next flight can take advantage of this feature on thousands of different airports that report them.

FltPlan Manager Allows Flight Departments Easy Control of Flight Planning

IMAGEFltPlan Manager is a premium program that gives charter operations, large flight departments, and fractionals control of the day–to–day flight planning activities of their fleet from a single, administrative account. Access to multiple aircraft accounts allows department heads, schedulers, and dispatchers immediate visibility to scheduled flights (including filing status, EDCT information, and flight tracking data) and access to individual aircraft accounts when changes are necessary.

A unique account is created for each aircraft in a company’s fleet, and pilots simply log in to the account for the aircraft to which they are assigned for each trip. This approach is especially beneficial to flight departments who have dedicated mobile devices for each aircraft within their fleet.

IMAGEAircraft performance profiles, ICAO data, and Weight & Balance are controlled at the administrative level to avoid potential errors and unwanted changes. Administrators can log in and view any filed flight plan and can post messages, upload documents, view scheduled flights, and track flights through FltPlan’s existing Map Builder. The Map Builder allows users to view flights over sectionals, high altitude charts or other base map layers, as well as view NEXRAD radar, winds aloft, TFRs, SIGMETs, color–coded METARs and more.

For more information on FltPlan Manager, please contact 203–262–8500 or send an email to


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