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News and Information for FltPlan Users  •  September 19, 2019
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View Important Details At-a-Glance with Quick Trip Info and Flight Listing

Flight ListingQuick Trip Info offers access to essential trip planning information such as estimated flight times based on average winds, fuel stop information, approach charts, departure/arrival weather, and airport information. Flight times can be re-calculated by aircraft type and altitude. And, you can create and send Passenger and FBO Briefings. Look for Quick Info on Main Menu > Flight Planning > Quick Trip Info.

The Flight Listing feature is perfect for busy flight departments because it provides a concise view of upcoming flights. View departure date, departure/arrival airports, and planned departure times in local and Zulu formats. The list can be printed or downloaded as a PDF for sharing or as a quick reference. You can also select a flight plan to view trip details and make modifications. Access your Flight Listing from the Main Menu by clicking Flight Planning > Flight Listing.

Flight Listing

New! Depart More Quickly at More than 60 U.S. Airports with our FAA Data Comm Service

Our new U.S. FAA Data Comm service automates Clearance Delivery. Routing and departure clearance can be automatically loaded into the flight deck. Controller Pilot Data Link Communication-Departure Clearance (CPDLC-DCL) reduces your workload, mitigates delivery/read back errors, and allows you to depart more quickly.

For FltPlan users who subscribe to the Data Comm service, we offer Pre-Departure Clearance (PDC) service at no additional charge. This extends coverage to busy airports not covered by the Data Comm service. PDC delivers your clearance via text or email to your cell phone or tablet.

FAA Data Comm service also enables the ability to exchange messages with U.S. domestic Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC), including transfer of communications, altimeter settings, altitudes and more! This service is expected to become widely available soon.

U.S. FAA Data Comm is available for $499 per aircraft per year for Citation Excel and Citation XLS aircraft and requires:

  • Garmin G3000 or G5000
  • GDU SW v21.17 (or later)
  • FAA Data Comm enablement option
  • GDR 66 radio

Learn more about's U.S. FAA Data Comm service and see a complete list of airports covered by our Data Comm and PDC services.

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