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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     August 29, 2019
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NOTAMs Change Alert Added to Active Flight Plan List

What does that triangle mean? If you’ve noticed a yellow "warning" on your Active Flight Plan List, it means that there has been a change to NOTAMs within the last 12 hours for flights scheduled for that day + 2 days out.

Clicking on the triangle brings you to the weather page, where you can see the most recent changes to NOTAMS.

The default setting is 12 hours, but you can customize this setting from 3 to 11 hours by going Main Menu > Settings > Default User Settings. Look for "Recent NOTAMS on Weather Page" and select your default from the drop–down menu.

While on the Default Page, you can also set defaults for:

  • Weather, including preferences for Winds Aloft
  • iPad and Android preferences
  • DCM Call Sign (if you are a Dot Com call sign user)
  • Sorting your Active Flight Plan list by aircraft or by date
  • Calendar options
  • NavLog display
  • Intermediate Fuel Stop
  • ICAO Item 18 STS/Special Handling
  • Main Menu (this allows you to show the expanded menu list, without clicking the button each time)
  • Flight Plan Selection (IFR or VFR)

Setting defaults is a simple way to streamline your flight planning process and customize your account.

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