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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     November 19, 2020
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Refreshed Maps and Extended History Options for Flight Tracking

IMAGEStarting Nov. 23, users tracking their aircraft from a FltPlan® account will see updated maps and a cleaner, refreshed flight tracking page while functionality remains the same. These changes will take effect for both our Premium Flight Tracking subscribers and nonsubscribers.

In addition, we have increased flight tracking history for our Flight Tracking Plus 30 users to the current month plus 6 previous months, and for our Premium Flight Tracking Plus subscribers it will be increased to the current month plus previous 3 months. For Premium FBO trackers, history increases from 7 days to now the current month and previous 3 months.

Plus 30 subscribers who share their tracking URL with family, friends and colleagues will need to log in to their account and create a new URL from the flight tracking page.

For those whose aircraft is blocked at the subscriber level through the FAA’s Limited Aircraft Data Displayed (LADD) program, our flight tracking service offers an affordable way to track, view flight history and send planned ATC route, takeoffs and landing notifications. Learn more here.

Store Frequently Used Routes Right in Your Account

Did you know that you can store up to 500 of your personal flight plan routes with personalized notes by using our Stored Routes feature? For example, you can add fuel burn numbers from a trip, ATC maximum altitudes or any other notes that you feel would be helpful for the next time you fly between the same airport pair. After saving a route and notes for an airport pair, the next time that you create a flight plan between these same airports, the Stored Route and Notes will be displayed, and can be easily selected for use in your flight plan. For faster viewing, the Stored Routes section also sorts your different stored routes by the departure airport and arrival airport.


To best use stored routes, save the trip to the Stored Routes section after flying (Main Menu > Settings > Stored Routes). The Stored Routes page will have your most recent flights listed with the filed route, and you can make any changes necessary that were assigned by ATC. From here, you also have the option to add any notes that will help with future flights. Once the changes are saved, the next time you create a flight plan between the same city pairs, the stored routes will be automatically displayed for selection.

Add Your Company Logo to Your FltPlan Passenger Briefing

IMAGEFltPlan’s passenger briefing allows you to create a document that provides flight information for your passengers, such as upcoming weather at the destination, crew information and personalized greetings. You can also customize your Passenger Briefing to include your company logo for a one–time setup fee of $50 per account. This provides your passengers with professional and personalized information for their trip.

The flexible design of the passenger flight briefing is structured to display information for all types of aircraft and flights and is customizable in the information chosen to be shown. For example, the check box for your aircraft color is not preselected, however, some passengers might like to know what color aircraft they should be looking for, or to tell the color to the people meeting them on arrival.

PAX briefings can be created once logged in to your account from the Main Menu > Flight Planning > PAX Briefing.

To add your company’s logo, please call 203–262–8900.

Don’t Forget! Our Trip Planning Webinar Is Dec. 1

Join us for more information on trip planning to Mexico and the Caribbean, including using our eAPIS service on Dec. 1 at 5 p.m. EST. To register, click here, and stay tuned for more information on future webinars.

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