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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     May 22, 2019
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FltLogic Update Adds Privacy Features, Streamlines Event Editing

For pilots unfamiliar with the FltLogic program, it is a comprehensive scheduling program designed for flight departments, and it integrates directly with We are constantly improving the program to give our users a better experience and enhance their productivity. With recent updates to our FltLogic program, we have streamlined the trip workflow and given our users more control over distributing trip information. Returning users will notice:

An updated Trips page, featuring:

  • A simplified Edit Trip feature that lets you add legs and edit events on a single page
  • Trip numbers that are generated for each event for easy identification
  • The ability to Add Crew/Passengers to all legs of multi–leg events with the click of a button

Improved trip management tools, including:

  • IMAGEA Private Event feature which allows you to keep sensitive events / information uncompromised
  • Authorized Pilot View that allows pilots to view schedules of aircraft they are authorized to fly

Current users looking to learn more about these updates, or new users who’d like to learn more about the program can reach out to FltLogic support at

Are You Using Your TOLD (Take–off & Landing Data) Card?

The TOLD Card is a companion document for the NavLog that provides the advantages of having a set format for all your pre–flight/pre–arrival data. More than just a place to write speeds and power settings, the TOLD Card is just the tool you need to help keep important flight information organized on your Flight Deck.

After a flight plan (NavLog) has been created, a TOLD Card is automatically generated with any known data for that particular flight already pre–filled.

You also have the ability to:

  • Have the program calculate your TOGW (Take–off Gross Weight) using the interactive Weights section
  • Enter Runway and Speed/Power numbers (if known before pre–flight)

Print the TOLD Card and bring it with you to the flight deck. As the preflight information becomes available, you can write such values as RVSM/Altimeter checks, power and speed for your aircraft type, NOTAMs, etc.

You can display the TOLD Card from the button at the bottom of your NavLog or by going to Main Menu > Flight Planning > TOLD Card.


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