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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     January 24, 2019
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FltPlan Sends Flight Data to CDM Up To 22 Hours in Advance

When major events come up, such as the Super Bowl, our Support team gets questions about filing flight plans early. FltPlan’s participation in the FAA’s Traffic Flow Management System (or CDM) eliminates this need.

CDM (Collaborative Decision Making) allows the FAA and the aviation industry to work together for the purpose of improving air traffic management. Your flight plan data will be used for the planning of GDP (Ground Delay Programs), release times (EDCT), miles–in–trail, possible departure/arrival re–routes, etc.

FltPlan has been participating in the FAA’s Traffic Flow Management System (or CDM) since 2010. If you have selected the flight plan for filing, your flight plan data will be sent to the FAA 22 hours in advance. You will see a CDM+ next to your flight plan, indicating that it has been submitted for traffic flow management.

Sending your flight plan data to the FAA’s CDM program accomplishes the same objective as filing early.

Some tips:

  • Select your flight plan for filing as soon as possible. This will be your signal for FltPlan to send your flight plan data to the FAA.
  • If you cancel your flight, un–select the flight plan for filing. We’ll take care of the rest.

FltPlan is the largest provider of this advanced flight plan data to the FAA's Traffic Flow Management System.

Stop by to See Us at NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers

Members of the FltPlan Team will be available at Garmin Booth #601 at the 2019 NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference in San Antonio, TX. NBAA runs
Jan. 29 — Feb 1. Stop by to see us to learn more about FltPlan Manager and new features in our FltLogic Scheduling program and to schedule a demonstration for after the show. If you have questions about the FltPlan website, the FltPlan Go app, or any of our Premium Services, please come by and ask!

FltPlan’s Premium PDC Delivery Service

Did you know that FltPlan offers PDCs for Jet & Turbo Props that are NOT equipped with a datalink box? Pre-Departure Clearances (PDCs) are text clearances issued for an IFR flight plan. They are available at 70 airports throughout the U.S. The PDC will include:

  • Your filed route
  • any amendments to your route
  • Your cleared altitude
  • Your transponder code
  • Your departure frequency
  • Any special instructions

Your PDC is equivalent to receiving a verbal clearance from Clearance Delivery. Unlike our Planned ATC Routes, the PDC is your ATC clearance.

ATC generates the PDC approximately 25 to 30 minutes prior to the filed departure time. The PDC will then be forwarded to FltPlan. Once received, a PDC Available message will automatically be displayed on your Active Flight Plan List. The PDC can also be distributed to the pilot and co–pilot via email addresses or text messages, as set up in your User/Pilot Info section.

Please don’t confuse a PDC with a Planned ATC Route (available for free through text message and on the web). The Planned ATC Route is what ATC is planning for your flight, but it is not your actual clearance.

Here are a few important reminders about the PDC program:

  • Once activated, PDC use will be required at all airports where they are available
  • It is the responsibility of the person who enrolled in the PDC program to notify ALL pilots that are filing flight plans for this particular N# that it has been enrolled in the PDC program and PDC use is required
  • The flight plan for this aircraft MUST be filed with in order to receive the PDC

To help you out, we have also added an alert to the NavLogs for flight plans departing a PDC airport with PDC enrolled aircraft. For more information or to sign up for PDC notification through, please click here.

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