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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     August 27, 2020
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Participate in FAA Data Comm Through FltPlan® for Efficient Cockpit Communication

IMAGEThe FAA’s Data Comm program offers text–based digital communications designed to complement voice communication between pilot and air traffic control. Benefits include quicker departures, reduced pilot workload, and mitigation of delivery/readback errors between pilots and air traffic controllers.

FAA Data Comm services include en route and terminal airspace communications. Each differs in geographic availability and services offered. En route controller pilot data link communications (CPDLC) messaging service is in its initial phase, with services available for Kansas City and Indianapolis Centers. FAA plans include addition of en route CPDLC locations and expansion of services. En route services currently include transfer of communications, initial check–in, altimeter settings, altitudes, and controller initiated reroutes (limited).

Controller pilot data link communications departure clearance (CPDLC–DCL) is, as the name indicates, a pre–flight messaging system that automates clearance delivery at more than 60 U.S. airports. Pilots flying compatible Garmin equipped aircraft can send their flight information to air traffic control from the flight deck. Controllers respond via digital text messages with route details, departure clearance information and approvals.

At select airports where CPDLC–DCL service is not available, our pre–departure clearance (PDC) service sends your clearance via text message (SMS) or email to a portable electronic device (PED) such as a cell phone or tablet. PDCs are included in the FAA Data Comm subscription at no additional charge.

To learn more and to register for FltPlan's FAA Data Comm service, visit our FAA Data Comm information page.

IMAGEFltPlan PDCs Delivered via Text Messages and the
Garmin Pilot App

IMAGEWith FltPlan’s PDC premium service, jets and turboprops without a datalink can receive text clearances issued for IFR flight plans. They are available at 70 airports throughout the U.S. and include the following:

  • Your filed route
  • Any amendments to your route
  • Your cleared altitude
  • Your transponder code
  • Your departure frequency
  • Any special instrutions

PDCs will serve as your ATC clearance, and will be generated approximately 25 to 30 minutes prior to the filed departure time. Once issued, it will be forwarded to FltPlan, and a PDC Available message will automatically display on your Active Flight Plan List. These messages can be distributed via email or text — as set up in your FltPlan account under the User/Pilot Info section — and can also be seen through the Garmin Pilot app.

To learn more, enroll, or to see the full list of eligible airports, click here, or call our support team at 203–262–8900.

Coming Soon — Join Us for FltPlan Webinars

Beginning in September, please join us for something new: webinars. On Sept. 23, we’ll provide an introduction to some of FltPlan’s premium services, including eAPIS, PDCs and more. To register, click here, and stay tuned for more information on future webinars.

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Introducing a New, Easy Way To Renew and Pay for Your Services Online

Beginning Sept. 1, subscribers to premium services will receive email notifications for upcoming renewals from Garmin Services, Inc., along with a secure link for selection of renewal of services. If you wish to change your payment information, please use the phone number included in the upcoming renewal notification email to talk to a support associate.

The new system is designed for your convenience. Simply choose from "Renew for one year," "Auto–renew" or "Do not renew." Please note that these changes apply only to premium services that are billed on an annual basis. We appreciate your business and hope you enjoy the simplified renewal process.

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