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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     August 15, 2019
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Clearance Delivery Phone Numbers on Airport Info Pages and NavLogs

The FAA has expanded the number of airports with clearance delivery telephone numbers. FltPlan has included these numbers on the NavLog since 2017. Now, these numbers are shown on the website’s Airport Info pages, on the NavLog, and also in the A/FD for those airports where a clearance phone number is available.

Clearance delivery phone numbers displayed on Airport Info pages and NavLogs

Now It’s Easier to Customize Your Aircraft Performance

FltPlan’s customizable Aircraft Performance Page now allows you to switch your fuel units between pounds, gallons, and kilograms with just a click.

Go to Main Menu > Settings > A/C Performance and select your aircraft. Under the Method 2 heading, look for the "Fuel Units" drop–down menu and select your desired unit of measurement. The conversion calculations are all done for you automatically.

In an additional enhancement, we’ve added a button allowing you to fill in blanks in the Advanced Fuel Burn section. This is ideal for taking information from your flight manual, where some of the altitudes are not listed. By clicking the "Fill in Blanks Below" button, any empty fields are filled in, such as climb speed, cruise speed, fuel burn, etc. When you save your changes, a warning message will let you know if you have any gaps.

Plan Your Fuel Loads for the Day at a Glance

We’ve added the minimum fuel required to our Flight Listing page. The listing, which also includes fuel burn, displays requirements for both IFR and VFR flights. Operational Flight Plan (OFP) subscribers get minimum fuel required based on Canadian and Mexican ICAO standards. With Flight Listing, all your routing and flight information can be seen on one page which can be printed out to bring with you.

The Flight Listing page can be accessed from Main Menu > Flight Planning > Flight Listing.

To learn more about FltPlan’s OFP Premium Service, email

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