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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     April 17, 2019
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Don’t Forget to Cancel Your Canadian Flight Plan If You Cancel Your Trip

IMAGEWith the weather warming up, we’ll be seeing more flight plans heading north of the border. It seems like a good time for a reminder about canceling your Canadian flight plans when departing uncontrolled airports.

In the U.S., a filed flight plan will simply expire if ATC is not contacted for an IFR clearance. In Canada, however, a filed flight plan is handled as a firm plan to depart.

At uncontrolled airports, once a flight plan is filed, Nav Canada expects you to establish contact within 60 minutes of the scheduled departure time, otherwise search and rescue efforts begin.

To cancel a flight plan after it has been filed, you must contact Nav Canada. Nav Canada has a national phone number, and a phone call is the most reliable way to cancel your flight plan. The phone number appears on the top right side of your NavLog.

It’s also important that contact information on FltPlan be complete and up to date. Nav Canada will frequently contact FltPlan if there is an issue. To check your contact info, go to Main Menu > Settings > User/Pilot Info.

Have You Been Using FltPlan’s Passenger Briefing Feature?

FltPlan’s Pax Briefing allows you to create a document that provides flight information to your passengers. That document can then be printed, emailed, or faxed before your flight to keep your passengers in the loop.

The Passenger Briefing allows you to choose what flight information you want to provide to your passengers. For example, you can choose to leave out information regarding the weather conditions during your flight.

The check boxes are defaulted to display what we think should be included, but you can choose to change what is displayed based on your specific flight needs. For example, the check box for your aircraft color is not preselected, however, some passengers might like to know what color aircraft they should be looking for, or to tell the color to the people meeting them on arrival. In this case you can select to display the color of the aircraft by selecting the check box.

Customize your pax brief to include a personalized greeting, opening comments, departure and arrival airports, scheduled departure and arrival time, crew information, and more. FltPlan makes it easier to keep your passengers up–to–date and informed.


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