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What is FltPlan Mobile?

FltPlan Mobile is an application developed for Smartphones and Tablet PCs running Google's Android operating system.

Here are a list of features we currently offer on our App:
  1. Access FltPlan.com (both mobile and full site)

  2. Map view with GPS/Location
    • Review your flight plans on aviation charts
    • Quick-edit your flight plans offline
      • Direct to
      • Add, remove and re-arrange a fix/point
      • Press and hold on map for nearby VORs, NDBs, and airports
    • View your location with GPS
      • External Bluetooth devices are supported
    • Pinch zoom and rotate all maps
    • "Breadcrumb" feature allows tracking of actual GPS route taken
    • Write directly on maps with Notes feature
    • Features available when online:
      • Weather radar
      • Airport locations
      • State outlines
      • Airspace and TFRs
      • NRS Grid Fixes
      • Jet airways
      • Victor airways
    • Available maps:
      • Sectionals
      • High Altitude Jet Enroute Charts
        • United States
        • Canada
        • Caribbean
      • Low Altitude Victor Airway Charts
        • United States
        • Canada
        • Caribbean
    • User-defined storage location of maps

  3. Access your FltPlan.com documents
    • View your current list of documents
    • Download documents directly to your device

  4. Access chart legends & general information
    • Table of Contents / Front Matter for U.S. IAP and A/FD
    • Table of Contents / Front Matter for U.S. TEC Routes
    • Map legends for IFR / VFR charts
    • Automatic check and download of available legends during any feature's download activity

  5. Location and en route weather briefings
    • Save up to 6 airports for on-the-go, one click access
    • Download briefings for offline review

  6. Sync your NavLogs and WX to your device
    • Quick view your Active Flight Plan List
    • Download your NavLogs for offline review

  7. FltPlan.com's Weight & Balance tool
    • Import your FltPlan.com aircraft profiles
    • Calculate take-off and landing C.G.
    • Calculate take-off and landing weight

  8. FltPlan.com's eLogbook tool
    • Access your FltPlan.com eLogbook profile
    • Create and submit new log entry

  9. Download airport procedures
    • Download approach charts and procedures for offline review
    • Files are in high-quality PDF format
    • Both U.S. and Canada charts available
    • Expired chart indication
      • FAA 28-day cycle and NavCanada 56-day cycle
    • Manage and delete chart files
    • Manage a list of favorites for quick access

  10. FltPlan.com's FltDeck Guide
    • Available entirely offline
    • Comprehensive airport information
    • Over 6,000 airports / 17 countries
    • Airport diagrams with FBO locations (optional download)
    • FBO and Airport phone, fax, and frequencies
    • Quick access to Airline, Hotel, and Rental Car phone numbers

  11. Download the FAA's digital Airport/Facility Directory
    • Download by State or Region for offline review
    • Files are in high-quality PDF format
    • Expired page indication (FAA A/FD 56-day cycle)
    • Manage and delete page files

  12. Track a flight
    • Save up to 8 tail numbers
    • Log in to your FltPlan.com Flight Tracking account

  13. Access to the FltPlan.com Chart Store

Where can I get it?
  • Google Play's Android Market.
  • Amazon's Appstore for Android.
  • BlackBerry's AppWorld (for BlackBerry Playbook users).
Most Android powered devices have a link to Google Play, although there are a few that do not.
If you are not sure whether or not Google Play is available on your device feel free to contact us and ask at Support@FltPlan.com

To download our App from the market, search for "FltPlan".

Direct links:

How much does it cost?

Nothing!  FltPlan Mobile is a free application!

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FltPlan Mobile works on Phones, Mid-size tablets, and Large tablets

Here are a few screen shots of the App on a 4" DROID3 Smartphone


And here are a few screen shots on a 10" Google Nexus tablet

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Current Version Information

Version: , released on:

Make sure you have the latest version of FltPlan Mobile.
Search "FltPlan" on Google Play.

Reporting an Error

If you happen to find an error or are having difficulty with a particular part of the App feel free to contact Support@FltPlan.com.

Please provide the following information:
  1. The device you are using (e.g., Motorola Droid X)
  2. Android OS version (e.g., 2.3.4 or Gingerbread)
  3. Version of FltPlan.com Mobile (found in the App's About section)
  4. The feature of the application the error/problem is occurring in
  5. Description of the error/problem and the basic steps that lead to it happening (if applicable)
  6. Any additional pertinent information

Installing FltPlan.com Mobile on your Android device
For this guide I used a Google Nexus 7 running Android 4.1.2.
We test our App on a smart phone, a 7" tablet, and also a 10.1" tablet, so the basic concept, icons and steps should be similar, if not the same, for your device.

If you additional need help with installation, contact Support@FltPlan.com.

Start by opening the Play Store App. If this is not on one of the home screens it can be found in your Application section.
It may also be titled Google Play, or Market.

FltPlan.com Mobile is located under Travel & Local Applications section, but it is a lot easier to simply use the search tool for this.

Select the Search icon in the upper right corner and type in "FltPlan".


Choose the App titled, "Flight Plan FltPlan.com Mobile".

To begin the installation choose the Install button located on the top-right of the screen.

After this screen you'll be prompted with a list of the access permissions that the App requires in order to be installed (and more specifically, to function).
FltPlan Mobile requires access to the following:
  • Location
    • Fine (GPS) Location
      • Access fine location sources such as the Global Positioning System on the phone, where available. This may consume additional battery power.
    • Coarse (Network-based) Location
      • Access coarse location sources such as the cellular network database to determine an approximate phone location, where available. This may consume additional battery power.

  • Network Communication
    • Full Internet Access
      • Allows the app to create network sockets.
    • View network state
      • Allows the app to view the state of all networks.

  • Storage
    • Modify/delete USB storage contents modify/delete SD card contents
      • Allows the app to write to the USB storage. Allows the app to write to the SD card.

  • System Tools
    • Prevent tablet from sleeping/prevent phone from sleeping
      • Allows the app to prevent the tablet from going to sleep. Allows the app to prevent the phone from going to sleep.

Select the Accept & download button to begin the download and installation process.

The App is approximately 10 MB.

Once your download has completed the Flight Plan Mobile App will be listed in your Applications/Apps folder.

Select the icon to open FltPlan.com Mobile.


Main Screen
The Main screen of FltPlan Mobile lists all the features available.

You can also access these features throughout a majority of the App by selecting your device's menu key.



Signing in to your FltPlan.com account
The first textbox is for your FltPlan.com username, and the second is for your password.

Selecting the Sign in button will store your information with the App.

If you are connected to the Internet it will also validate your information.
If not, it will simply be stored and checked when needed.

If you'd like to sign out of your account or change your information, select the orange button from the App's main screen to re-display this section.
Choosing the Sign out button will remove your information from the App.

If you do not have a FltPlan.com account you can use the username PILOT and password DEMO to log-in.

Registration is easy and free, click here to register a new account.


Location Weather
The Location Weather screen is comprised of three basic features:
  1. Retrieve a weather briefing by the airport identifier
  2. Store an airport identifier to one of the six available buttons
  3. View saved weather briefings

Type in an airport ID and press the Get button.
Four letter identifiers are not required.


We also allow you to view multiple weather briefings on the same page (e.g., "KMMU KFFL").

The great part about the Location weather feature is the ability to store an airport ID to a "Favorite button", or "Quick button".
This is particularly helpful if you find yourself requesting weather for the same airport every day.

To add an airport ID (or IDs) enter it in the Add / Change Stored ID textbox.
Select the Save button and you will be prompted with a list of the currently saved IDs (where applicable).
Choose a spot to save the ID. Selecting a button that already contains an ID will overwrite it with the new ID.
This ID will be stored for the next time you open the App.

Weather briefings are displayed in web-page format; you have the ability to zoom in and out and scroll left and right.
Pressing the device's back button will bring you back one page if need be


Saving a weather briefing is an excellent feature of the App.
When viewing the briefing page, press your device's menu key and choose the Save page button.
The page will be downloaded and saved for offline viewing.
You can access your saved briefings from the Saved Briefings button at the bottom of the screen.


Route Weather
The Route Weather feature is near identical to the Location Weather feature, although it allows users to view/save en-route weather briefings.

Please see the above guide to the Location Weather feature.


NavLogs & WX Sync
With the NavLog/WX Sync feature, you have the ability to view your account's Active Flight Plan List and download (or "sync") the flight plans to your device.

The NavLogs and/or Weather will be available to view offline, and is the purpose of this feature.

The NavLog and WX are downloaded straight from FltPlan.com's servers and in the same clear, comprehensive FltPlan.com format you're familiar with.

Start by selecting the Get NavLogs/WX button in the lower right corner.
The App will use the stored login data in from the "Log-in to FltPlan.com" feature. If this data is not applicable you'll be prompted to enter this information for verification.

The feature will begin to download any available flight plans from your accounts Active Flight Plan List.
Expired flight plans are omitted from this process

When complete, choose the flight plans that you wish to download. You can choose just the NavLog, just the WX, or both.




Georeferenced Aviation Maps
Instructions coming soon!.
Feel free to contact us with any questions: Support@FltPlan.com



Syncing Your Documents
Download any of your files from your FltPlan.com Documents folder directly to your device.
Before downloading you will be shown a list of your available documents (gray lettering).
Select an item to begin the download.
Once the download has completed the file will appear at the top of the list with a green check mark and a delete icon.

The viewing/displaying of your document file is handled by your device, and not the FltPlan.com App.
So, for example, if you have a MS Word or Excel (.DOC, .XLS) file, you will need a compatible App to handle the file.
If you need any assistance in this part of the App, feel free to contact Support@FltPlan.com



Legends and General Information
This feature has moved to the Documents feature.


Flight Tracking
This feature implements a mobile version of FltPlan.com's Flight Tracking Service.
Premium flight tracking customers can enter their FltPlan.com log-in information by using the Flight Tracking Credentials button at the bottom of the screen.

Enter an aircraft tail number into the Track Aircraft by Tail Number textbox.
Press the Track button to bring up FltPlan.com's tracking page for the aircraft.

Similar to the Location and Route Weather features available of this App, this feature allows you to store aircraft tail numbers to "Favorite/Quick buttons".
This allows you to quickly bring up the tracking information for commonly used aircraft.

Enter the aircrafts tail number into the Add/Change Stored Tail Number textbox.
Select the Save button and you will be prompted with a list of the currently saved aircrafts (where applicable).
Choose a spot to save the aircraft number. Selecting an already used button will overwrite it with the new aircraft number.
This aircraft tail number will be stored and available the next time you open the App.


FltDeck Guide
Quick overview of the FltDeck Guide feature:
The FltDeck Guide is a comprehensive FBO and Airport information database with data for over 6,000 airports in 17 countries made to be available entirely offline.
The information available for each airport is comparable to the FltPlan.com FBO/Airport Info page.
Note that not all information displayed on the FltPlan.com page will be available in the FltDeck Guide.


Before you can access the FltDeck Guide you'll need to download and install its bulk database.
This includes the resource/reference files and images for the airports and FBOs.

Upon notice of configuration you'll be given the option to also download airport diagrams.
It is comprised primarily of images, so it is considerably larger than the mandatory download.
  • Current database volume:
  • Resource file size:

Since airport and FBO information is changing all the time, we offer updates twice a month, on the 1st and 15th.
An update is recommended, but not required to use the FltDeck Guide.
You can check for updates with the "Check for Updates" button.

Download recommendations
The download will take some time (even on a Wi-Fi connection) so I recommend the following for an optimal download:
  • Download over a personal / home Wi-Fi connection
    • 3G and 4G connections are, for the most part, considerably slower than a Wi-Fi connection
  • Plug your phone in, as if you were charging it
    • Downloading is a heavy process for the device's CPU, it uses more power and, considering the size of the download, it can drain your battery quickly
  • Choose the "Prevent device sleep" option (found on the download window)
    • This will prevent the device from turning off after its pre-determined time (which will stop the download)
After the download is complete, you are ready to browse airports.

Our FltDeck Guide also offers phone numbers for various Airlines, Hotel chains, and Rental Car services.

With the FltDeck Guide you are able to browse airports by Country and State/Province with the View by Country/State button.
You can also search for an airport with the Search for an Airport button.
A search query will return any common occurrences that appear in either the Country/State abbreviation, airport name, or airport identifier.
For example, an inquiry for "LA" will return all Louisiana airports in addition to any airport names that have "la" in them, and also any airport identifiers with "la" in them.

Searching is not case sensitive (uppercase or lowercase of letters will not affect the result).

Once an airport is chosen, its information page will be displayed.
The following information can be found, when applicable, on the page:
  • Airport ICAO identifier (IATA will be appended where applicable)
  • City and State abbreviation
  • Airport name
  • Time-zone
    • Time-zone data will appear in the following format "-# (-#)". The first number is the number of hours subtracted from UTC/GMT, the second number in parenthesis is the number of hours subtracted from UTC/GMT during Daylight Savings Time.
    • Locations that do not recognize DST will be denoted by an asterisk symbol (*).
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Elevation
  • Variation
  • Clearance Delivery freq.
  • Departure ATIS freq.
  • Arrival ATIS freq.
  • Ground freq.
  • Tower freq.
  • Longest runway (in ft.)
  • Fuel type available
  • Customs available
  • Runway information (in feet)
  • FBO and additional airport information
    • You'll generally find the airport's phone number, fax number, and frequency here
    • You will also sometimes find ASOS and ATIS information here
    • FltPlan.com advertisers are found at the top of the list and have a button that will displays additional information about the business
      • Company logo
      • Phone number
      • Fax number
      • Fuel brand
      • Services
      • Copy
  • Airport diagram
    • Selecting the image will open it in your devices image viewer
    • FltPlan.com advertisers will be marked on the map
  • Approach Info
    • List of approaches for the airport
    • If you have this airport downloaded in the Approach Charts feature of the App then you will have the option to open the saved procedure file
  • Nearby Airports
  • Nearby Alternate Airports
All phone numbers and fax numbers are linked to your device's address book or phone dialer.

Any pages from the Nearby Airports and Nearby Alternate Airports will open in a new FltDeck Info window (e.g., selecting the back button will return you to the airport you navigated from, similar to an Internet browser).


Airport / Facility Directory
This feature provides download and search tools for the FAA's d-A/FD (digital A/FD, in PDF format).

You can easily download the information by State or Region for offline use.

The search function allows you to easily bring up the airport you are looking for.

To download a State or region, select the appropriate button from the main screen.
Both selections will bring up a window with a list of items to choose from.
Currently downloaded states/regions will appear with a green check mark and the effective date below.
If a downloaded State has expired it will appear with a red exclamation icon.

Note that the A/FD does not automatically update. You will be notified when a new update is available.
You must manually select the State and re-download it to acquire the currently available page.
Also note that even if an A/FD page is expired, you can still view it.

Make sure you mark on your calendar when the expiration date is.


Both States and Regions are relatively small in size.
Downloads should only take a minute or two on a Wi-Fi connection.

When the download has completed you will be brought back to the feature's main page.
If you know the airport ID you can simply enter it in the text box.
If you are unsure, you can browse the States by selecting the "Select a State" button.
Choose the State you wish to browse and a list of the airports will appear.


To delete a State select the Delete / Manage button from the feature's main screen.
Start by selecting the states you wish to delete, then choose the Delete Selected


Approach Charts
This feature uses a significant amount of storage space.
If downloaded in full, the U.S. and Canada files will take up approximately 2.3 GB (2250 MB) of storage space.

FltPlan.com has charts and procedure documentation for every airport available in our flight planning database.

Viewing the procedure PDF file is not handled by our App, so you may need to download a PDF viewer from Google Play's Android Market, although most devices come with one standard.

To begin a download, select the Download Charts button.
The App will do a quick check for any database updates, and then display the 5 available categories to choose from:
  • U.S. Airports
  • Canada Airports
  • States
  • Regions
  • Provinces
These options will be unavailable if the device has not Internet/data connection.


Upon selecting the "U.S. Airports" button, you will be prompted for what type of search you would like to do.
If you know the ICAO identifier of the airport, choose By Airport ID.
If you would like to do a result-based search, choose By Name or City.

In this example I started by doing a result-based search for an airport using the word "New".
Searching is not case sensitive, and any airport identifier or city containing the word "new" will be in the results.

Each result will contain the following information (from left to right):
  • ICAO identifier, IATA identifier where applicable
  • City/town, and below this will be the state and abbreviation
  • The jet icon; if the airport has been identified as a jet airport in our database

Selecting an item will bring up the Downloader screen with pertaining information.

Choose the Start button to begin the download.
The Stop button will cancel it.

Once the download has completed you will be notified via your devices Notification bar. If you're still viewing the Downloader screen you'll be prompted and then brought back to the Approach Charts main screen.

Choose the View Charts button to bring up the search window.
From this screen you can choose to search the entire database, or just the charts you have downloaded.

Searching is similar to the "airport download search".
A query will result in any airport ID's, city names and airport names that contain that text.
If you'd like to view all the charts for a specific state (or province) enter its 2 letter abbreviation (e.g., AK for Alaska).

In addition, the item will also display the chart's effective date.
When the chart has expired from the FAA's 28-day chart cycle this text will be in bold font.
To update the chart simply re-download it. The old chart and information will be overwritten.


To delete approach charts, select the Delete Charts and you'll be given a list of download States and Provinces.
Check off the States and/or Provinces you wish to delete and select the relative Delete Selected button.

To download a State, Region, or Province start by selecting the appropriate button from the Approach Charts main screen.

Downloaded States will be in green lettering and marked as "Downloaded".
Green only signifies that the State is download and does not represent whether it is expired or not

State and Region downloads are significantly larger than single airport downloads.
The App has a built-in 50 MB buffer for any downloads. If the resulting download will leave your device with less than 50 MB then you will be notified and the download will not begin.

When viewing your downloaded charts, select the star on the far right side to add it to your Favorites list.
Alternately, you can long press (press and hold for 1 second) on the item and choose "Favorite/Un-favorite".
The Favorites list is an excellent way to plan for an upcoming flight.
Simply add the airports you wish you have on hand, and you can view them all from one list.



Weight & Balance
Instructions coming soon!.
Feel free to contact us with any questions: Support@FltPlan.com



Instructions coming soon!.
Feel free to contact us with any questions: Support@FltPlan.com



Secondary Storage

You can use the following calculator to find out approximately how much storage space you will need for approach charts.
A calculator for the A/FD has been omitted because the total size of all states is roughly 100 MB.

Thanks for using FltPlan.com
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