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Help! ATC Doesn't
Have My Clearance...

On the rare occasion that ATC doesn't have your clearance, you can call the FltPlan Clearance Hotline and we can check into the issue and make necessary corrections to your flight plan. When warranted, we refile your flight plan for you.

Look for the dedicated Clearance Hotline number next to ATC Clnc issues? on the upper right side of your NavLog.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Clearance Delivery / Ground / ATC should have your clearance no more than 30 minutes before departure. If your departure time is more than 30 minutes out, tell ATC your proposed departure time and ask if they can "pull it up" from the system
  • The Clearance Hotline is solely for use when ATC doesn't have your clearance. Other questions should be directed to

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