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Pay Attention to the Details When Filling Out Your Manifests

FltPlan has been alerted that CBP may be scrutinizing your manifests to make sure all the details are correct. A clerical error can cost you big. Here are some things to remember to avoid a fine:

  • Enter full names. When entering a passenger's or crewmember's name into your eAPIS database on FltPlan.com, be sure to use their full name as it appears on their passport. For accuracy we recommend that you ask for a photocopy of the passport. If this is not possible, ask your passenger to read the name off the passport, and then spell it back to them. The difference between something like 'Bryan' and 'Brian' could cost you $5,000.00.

  • Enter full middle name. Similarly, when entering a passenger's or crewmember's name, be sure to use their complete middle name (not just an initial).

  • Submit at least an hour in advance. Remember that your eAPIS manifest must be submitted AT LEAST ONE HOUR before your scheduled departure. You may submit your manifest as far in advance as you wish, but it cannot be sooner than an hour before departure. To help, FltPlan.com has begun putting a warning in your Active Flight Plan list reminding you not to depart until an hour after your eAPIS submission.

  • Have a current CBP Decal. CBP decals are required for international trips. Please be aware that all decals expire on December 31st, regardless of when they were purchased. Keep that in mind and plan ahead.

You can save yourself unwanted delays and expensive fines by keeping the details in mind. We'll do our best to give you the information you need.

If you have any questions or need eAPIS support, feel free to call our eAPIS team at 731-855-8000 between 8am and 5pm Eastern Time.

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