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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     September 19, 2018
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Introducing FltTrack – FltPlan’s Free Tracking App

With FltTrackIMAGE, FltPlan’s free general aviation app for iPhone and iPad, pilots and families alike can now track flights in real time, showing flight time, delays, estimated time of arrival and more. View flights by aircraft registration on light or dark colored, high resolution maps with the ability to overlay weather radar. For added convenience, save the aircraft you view most frequently as favorites. For Premium Flight Trackers, multiple flights can be shown at once, and there is the capability to add more than 5 favorites (free accounts are limited to 5 favorites).

For more detailed information on FltTrack, see here. For more information on our Premium Flight Tracking service, click here.

*FltTrack for Android coming soon

Now Open and Close Your VFR Flight Plan on & FltPlan Go

IMAGEFltPlan now provides users with the ability to Open and Close their VFR flight plan on or from within the FltPlan Go app (under Maps > Settings) as an alternative to calling Flight Service.

First, on the web, create and file your flight plan in the usual manner. Once the flight plan has been filed, go to Main Menu > Flight Planning > Open/Close VFR Plan. You will see two buttons: Activate and Cancel. Press Activate to open your flight plan. Use Cancel if you decide not to make the flight.

Once the flight plan has been activated, you will see a Close button, where before you saw Activate and Cancel. Be sure to close your flight plan within 30 minutes after landing. Again, go to Main Menu > Flight Planning > Open/Close VFR Plan

Enhancing Your FltPlan Experience with FltPlan Go for Mac & Windows 10
The Perfect Companion for

For pilots on the go or in the air, FltPlan Go for iOS and Android make the perfect travel companions – delivering powerful and accurate routing, weather, mapping features, and comprehensive aviation information. For pilots on the ground, offers an unparalleled flight planning and filing experience. Pilots looking to combine the two can enhance on–the–ground flight planning with FltPlan Go for Windows 10 and Mac.

FltPlan Go on these two platforms brings together all of the FltPlan Go features that pilots are accustomed to in order to create the optimal pre–flight planning tool. Maps and approach charts can be downloaded the same way they can on FltPlan Go, providing faster viewing when on a slower WiFi network. Through a powerful split screen option, users can take advantage of the larger screen space that desktops deliver. This allows users to access all of the additional features the apps offer, all while viewing and interacting with the familiar website. For example, pilots can view their route on the interactive map and their NavLog at the same time. The immediate transfer of information between the FltPlan Go app and the website enables users to leverage the many pre flight features in the app, including:

• Interactive route editing and rubber banding
• Geo–referenced approach plates and airport diagrams
• In–app multilayer weather
• Up–to–date fuel pricing along your route

Pilots or FBOs looking to add FltPlan Go to their desktop flight planning experience can find the apps on the Microsoft and Apple App Stores.

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