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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     September 5, 2018
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IMAGEFltPlan Joins Garmin International

The staff at FltPlan is excited to be joining the Garmin team, well known for their innovation and leadership in aviation. Garmin’s acquisition of FltPlan was announced last week, and we at FltPlan are looking forward to combining our talents with those of Garmin’s staff to offer you an even better flight planning experience.

For you, the user, it’s business as usual at FltPlan. You can continue to use and FltPlan Go with the same confidence you always have.

FltLogic Scheduling Program Continues to Expand

FltLogic, FltPlan’s premium scheduling program, has grown to be a powerful solution for GA scheduling. Much like, FltLogic implements new features on a regular basis. For instance, last month we announced that FltLogic now integrates with Flightdocs, so that Flightdocs customers can quickly view aircraft maintenance status in multiple spots throughout the FltLogic program. Here are some of the other recent enhancements to our program:

  • Staff Schedule, which includes duty–time periods, vacations, and more
  • Expanded Currency Options for aircraft and pilot-specific currencies
  • Temporary Passenger database, allowing the ability to add passengers to flight events quickly by typing a name or an email address
  • Activity Logs that record time–stamped personnel activity in your Fltlogic account, along with actions performed
  • Expanded Calendar views offer the ability to view trips by leg
  • Disable Auto–Logout feature to keep the FltLogic Calendar open indefinitely on the screen at your FBO or office
  • Updated SIFL Tables that are good now through December 31, 2018

Because FltLogic is web–based and integrated with, users are assured of the most accurate flight times. The FltLogic companion app for iOS and Android offers on–the–go access to calendars, change notifications, trip sheets, and more. Use it to quickly create and request flight events or enter post–flight actuals (even at 30,000 feet).

FltLogic customers benefit from exceptional customer service, including live support and individualized training. To learn more, visit our website or contact the FltLogic Support Team at 203–262–8500 to schedule a FltLogic demo.

Are You Using Your TOLD (Take–off & Landing Data) Card?

The TOLD Card is a companion document for the NavLog that provides the advantages of having a set format for all your pre–flight/pre–arrival data. More than just a place to write speeds and power settings, the TOLD Card is just the tool you need to help keep important flight information organized on your Flight Deck.

After a flight plan (NavLog) has been created, a TOLD Card is automatically generated with any known data for that particular flight already pre–filled.

You also have the ability to:

  • Have the program calculate your TOGW (Take–off Gross Weight) using the interactive Weights section
  • Enter Runway and Speed/Power numbers (if known before pre–flight)

Print the TOLD Card and bring it with you to the flight deck. As the preflight information becomes available, you can write such values as RVSM/Altimeter checks, power and speed for your aircraft type, NOTAMs, etc.

You can display the TOLD Card from the button at the bottom of your NavLog or by going to Main Menu > Flight Planning > TOLD Card

Voting Continues in the 2018 Pilots’ Choice Awards

Pilots’ Choice voting is active and continues through September 30th, so make sure to log into your account and cast your ballot. Ballots appear in all accounts created before August 1st, 2018.

You’ll have a chance to select your favorite FBOs in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean; favorite tower location; Best ATC Center; the Star and Ace categories (which recognize smaller FBOs who provide excellent service) and more.

We wish the best of luck to all participants.

Phillips 66

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