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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     September 8, 2016
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Weight & Balance, eLogbook, and Checklists

Pilots, for the most part, are creatures of habit. If you’re like most users, you probably just log in to your account, create your flight plan, check the weather, and look up airport and FBO info and don’t look any further. If you find yourself guilty of this, you’re missing out on some key features. Aside from free flight planning and filing, with FltPlan, you have access to over 800 weight and balance profiles, our newly redesigned eLogBook program that now allows for uploading documents and photos to specific flights as well as viewing flight hours graphically, and a checklist feature for all pre-flight and in-flight requirements.

FltPlan Weight & BalanceWeight & Balance

No matter what device you’re using, FltPlan’s free Weight & Balance information is at your fingertips. Create your Weight & Balance profiles on, and then auto-sync them to your FltPlan Go app for iPhone/iPad, Android or Windows 10. Your profiles can be accessed on multiple devices – anywhere, anytime. There is no need to re-enter your aircraft parameters, and this information can be used while offline. Additionally, your Weight & Balance calculations can be emailed to up to five different people. FltPlan’s free Weight & Balance program, with over 800 makes and models of aircraft, is the right choice to suit any pilot’s needs. As always, FltPlan can customize and create a Weight & Balance profile for almost any aircraft when provided with the appropriate aircraft manuals. If interested, please email

To set up your Weight & Balance on, click on the Tools button on the left hand side of the Main Menu page and select the Weight & Balance link.

eLogBook eLogbook

FltPlan’s newly redesigned eLogbook is free and accessible from any device. We recently added the ability to view graphical charts of currency, including flying trends, landings per year, past flights and flight times at a glance. The eLogbook can be used as a business tool by pilots allowing them to upload documents such as fuel, hotel, and meal receipts directly to a specific flight. We also enahnced the eLogbook with a new add-on feature. This feature allows users to assign and edit passengers, documents, photos, and remarks to individual log entries. In keeping with the FltPlan system, flight plans created on a desktop sync directly to the eLogbook and are accessible from any iPad, Android, or Windows tablet as well. Check out our eLogbook manual here.


ChecklistLast but not least, be sure to take advantage of our checklist tool as an important step in safe flying for all your preflight, in flight, and post flight needs. Use this feature, in addition to your flight planning, to make sure nothing is forgotten. A checklist can be set up and created for each individual aircraft within an account by selecting Tools from the Main Menu and then Checklist. If you need a custom checklist, please let us know, and we can create one for you. Print your checklist or take it to go with FltPlan Go. With a mobile device, you can quickly transfer your checklist to other tail numbers or to another account, save or print the checklist, or utilize the optional voice synthesizer.

Click here to read our Checklist Tutorial .

FltPlan Apptitude: Heads Up Display

HUDOne of the features of our FltPlan Go app that pilots might not be aware of is the HUD or Heads-Up-Display. The HUD is located at the bottom of the map and can display the following information: Altitude, Bearing (Next), Distance (Next), Distance (Dest), ETE, Lat/Long, Magnetic Course, Speed (kts), Speed (mph), and True Course.

Although all fields are not displayed at the same time, you can customize which fields display based on your preferences.

  • The icon to control the HUD is in the bottom right corner of the Maps
  • The HUD can be extended and retracted with a simple swipe
  • If the HUD is retracted, you’ll see a green or orange circle in the bottom right corner of the Maps section. Green means you have a good GPS signal. Orange means you do not have a good GPS signal and red means you have no GPS signal.
  • If the HUD is extended, you can slide any portion of the HUD to the right and the HUD will retract
  • With the HUD extended, you can tap on any of the columns (except Accuracy) and a menu will appear. You can select from this list what you would like to view in this particular column.

FltPlan Stats

The number of FltPlan PDC subscribers has increased 22.6% in August 2016 versus August 2015.

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