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FltPlan’s New RAFT Program Keeps You at the Front of the Line

FltPlan now offers a sophisticated proprietary interface that works closely with the FAA’s system, warning of any current or upcoming ATC delays or ground stop programs. We call it RAFT, which stands for Reactive Advanced Filing Technology.

As soon as the FAA alerts us of any potential for ATC delays at an airport, FltPlan will 'react' by 'advance filing' your flight plan (immediately, up to six hours in advance). This ensures the best possible positioning of your flight in the queue for ground stops, delay programs, or re-routes.

RAFT works in conjunction with CDM, the FAA’s traffic flow management system, to which we send your flight plan data up to 22 hours in advance. FltPlan is one of the few flight planning companies in the industry that submits to CDM. CDM is a proactive method of traffic management, while RAFT reacts instantly to things going on at ATC on a minute-by-minute basis. FltPlan helps put you at the top of the list, ensuring that you’re not the last to take off.

FltPlan RAFT
FltPlan RAFT
In addition to CDM, our RAFT system also works in conjunction with EDCTs. The notice that we are filing your flight plan early acts as a heads up to further check into EDCT information regarding potential problems and possible delays. EDCT notifications will appear on your Active Flight Plan List or be sent as an email notification.

FltPlan informs users of RAFT notifications by posting an alert on the Active Flight Plan List on the Main Menu page. In addition, we send an email notification or text message to the pilot. To opt in, be sure to have your current email address entered in User / Pilot Information and File Notify selected. To check if you're selected to get file notifications, go to Settings > User/Pilot Info > Pilot Information section. Put a check mark in the File Notify column next to the email address. Be sure to click the Press Here When Done button to save.

FltPlan's RAFT system, along with our five full-time, FAA-licensed dispatchers, assures that your flight plan will never sink to the bottom of the list.

New Enhancement: List of Available Aircraft Performances

FltPlan AC List

In an improvement to our Edit Aircraft List page (Main Menu > Settings > Edit Aircraft List), we now provide a complete list of the aircraft performances currently available in our database. This list is a companion tool to the drop-down menu already in place.

The aircraft on this list are separated into categories based on the type of aircraft: Jet, Multi-Engine Turboprop, Single Engine Turboprop, Multi-Engine Piston, Single Engine Piston, and Helicopter. Find the aircraft that most closely matches yours, and then locate it in the A/C Performance drop-down list, which is sorted alphabetically.

The link to the list of available aircraft is located directly under the A/C Performance heading. If your aircraft is one that we don’t have on our list, send an email to


Be Sure You're Filing with a Valid Aircraft Type

Do you have a red "invalid aircraft type" message on your Active Flight Plan List? You may have entered a close-but-not-quite-right aircraft type in your aircraft profile, or you could be flying a rare or unusual aircraft and it's simply not in our database.

If you're unsure what the correct designator is, a list of most aircraft type IDs for General Aviation aircraft can be found by going to Main Menu > Settings > Edit Aircraft List. Just scroll down the page. The aircraft are listed by manufacturer and model.

If you are sure about the designator, but the aircraft type is not on our list, please email us at and we'll enter it for you.

Use of the correct aircraft type designator is required. ATC computers are programmed for aircraft performance based upon the aircraft type. If you file a flight plan with the wrong type, the controller will get a notation of ZZZ and there will likely be a delay or a query from ATC on your type aircraft. Some common errors are as follows:

  • PA28 should be P28A
  • M20E should be M20P
  • B200 should be BE20
  • GIV should be GLF4
  • LR35 should be LJ35

One more note: If you have active flight plans and need to change the aircraft type, be sure to modify them after you've corrected your Edit Aircraft List page. Just click the Quick Change button, then click Press Here to Update. This will populate your flight plan with the correct aircraft type identifier.

FltPlan Stats

70.6% of all N#-registered flight plans for jets and multi-engine turboprops were filed using FltPlan in August 2015.

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