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FltPlan’s eLogbook has a New Look

Our full-featured eLogbook has a new look. Its streamlined design makes it easier to view and simpler to use. It also includes new features.

The eLogbook can be used as a stand-alone logbook program or in conjunction with your FltPlan account, so you can transfer your flight plans directly without retyping all your data. You can also import your past totals, add passenger info to each flight, and export your logbook to an Excel spread sheet for printing or emailing. Pilots using the same FltPlan account can use eLogbook while keeping their logbook entries separate.

The eLogbook offers selectable columns and works with flights for both captain and co-pilot. Additionally, it allows you to set up aircraft profiles based on tail numbers. It will then fill in the appropriate categories like twin engine jet, seaplane, etc. You can enter your past flights or begin with totals from previous logbooks. Use eLogbook to store passenger info including names, addresses, and phone numbers and then assign them to the appropriate flights.

Set up your eLogbook on the website before using it on your tablet. You can also add logbook entries directly from your mobile device. To get started, go to Main Menu > Tools > eLogbook.

Logbook Click to View Larger Image

eLogbook Logo

New Enhancement to Weight & Balance: Percent of MAC

Our free Weight & Balance program is available on the full website,
on the Legacy apps, and on the FltPlan Go apps.

Now FltPlan’s Weight & Balance includes Percent of MAC (Mean Aerodynamic Chord) for many jet or turboprop aircraft. This new feature shows forward and aft center of gravity limits for the actual weight. This is required information for Part 135 operators. You can find the Percent of MAC along the bottom of the W&B graph.

No matter what device you're using, FltPlan's Weight & Balance information is at your fingertips. Our free Weight & Balance program is available on the full website, on the Legacy apps, or on the FltPlan Go apps. The apps’ Weight & Balance features integrate with your online information. You can import your aircraft weight and balance data directly to your app, with no need to re-enter your aircraft parameters. This data can then be used offline. FltPlan’s Weight & Balance is a great tool that will let you do last minute calculations on the ramp or while enroute and planning your next fuel load.

FltPlan continues to add more aircraft to our Weight & Balance program. We have more than 525 makes and models of aircraft in our database. Whether you're flying a Cessna C150 or a Gulfstream 280, FltPlan's Weight & Balance can work for you.

Set up your Weight & Balance on the FltPlan website by clicking on the Tools button on the left side of the Main Menu page and selecting the Weight & Balance link.

Weight & Balance Percent of MAC
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Weight & Balance Tutorial

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Weight & Balance FAQs

FltPlan Celebrates 15 Years Online

August marked FltPlan’s 15th year on the web. has grown from a small operation to the largest flight-planning service in North America. Our company supports over 150,000 pilots with services ranging from flight plan filing, FBO/Airport information, Flight Tracking, certified eAPIS submissions, SMS (IS-BAO and ACSF), Runway Analysis, Weight & Balance, eLogbook program, Mexican/Caribbean/Central American Handling, Mexican and Cuban Overflight Services, PDC (Pre-Departure Clearances), FAA-approved certified weather, free iPad and Android apps, Dot Com call sign, and early flight plan submissions to the FAA's CDM program. We also interface with the Corporate Angel Network. The list goes on and on.

Watch for our special 15th Anniversary FltBrief next week, in which we will feature profiles of 15 loyal users.

Thank you to everyone who has helped to make a success.

New for eAPIS: Upload your passenger list
from an Excel spreadsheet

If you’re a charter operation with a large passenger list, submitting your eAPIS manifest just got a little easier. FltPlan now allows you to use your own database to send passenger lists to CBP. No more entering information for hundreds of passengers – you can upload your PAX list for a flight directly to FltPlan's eAPIS system from an excel spreadsheet. was the first commercial provider to be certified by DHS/Customs for submissions of eAPIS manifests for Part 91 operators. We have since added Mexican and Caricom APIS to our menu of services.

Please call our Premium Services office at 731-855-8000 office for more information on our eAPIS service.

CBP-DHS Seal was the first commercial provider to be certified by DHS/Customs for submissions of eAPIS Manifest for Part 91 operators.

New Flight Plan Selection Default

If you’re a VFR pilot, you no longer need to remember to select VFR each time you create a flight plan. With our new Flight Plan Selection default, you just check it off once. To select your flight plan type default, go to Main Menu > Settings > Default User Settings and scroll to the bottom of the page. You can choose IFR (ICAO Format), IFR (Domestic Format), or VFR. While you’re on the Default User Settings page, check out the other information that you can save to make your flight planning easier.
Default User Settings

Main Menu: Settings
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