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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     October 26, 2017
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Move to the Front of the Line When You File With FltPlan

IMAGEWith Collaborative Decision Making (CDM), select filing companies work to improve air traffic flow management as part of the FAA's Traffic Flow Management (TFM) system. has particpated in the CDM program since 2010 and is the largest submitter of advanced flight plan data to the program. When filing with, your flight plan data is submitted up to 22 hours in advance, reducing the likelihood that you'll get stuck at the back of the line. Not every vendor has the ability or willingness to participate in the CDM program, so be sure to file with us to move ahead.

FltPlan submits realistic flight data to assist in managing capacity in the ATC system more efficiently. The result is a reduction in potential delays, and assurance that any delays that occur are based on the best information available. Combined with FltPlan’s reliable flight times, accurate fuel burn, and routing, the CDM program is one of many unmatched benefits to our users.

Learn more about how FltPlan works with CDM.

IMAGENew Customs Layer for iPad FltPlan Go

The new Customs layer overlays ports of entry for the U.S and Canada on the map. Plan your flight and enable the Customs layer to view all possible customs locations. Tap on the icon for additional information including the airport name, telephone and fax numbers, hours of operation, and requirements. Select Airport Info inside the Customs popup to access additional airport information, including frequencies, runways, and procedures.

To enable the Customs layer, go to Maps – Layers – Customs. Available in FltPlan Go for iOS version 4.6.1.

Learn more about FltPlan's eAPIS Service.

IMAGEBring Your Own Charts to FltPlan Go

The Bring Your Own Charts (BYOC) feature allows users to bring official airport diagrams and approach charts to FltPlan Go. This is a beneficial feature for pilots at private airports that may have official diagrams and approach charts. Charts are geo–referenced and added to the user’s account. Users can then create Binders of the charts to be saved on FltPlan Go for iPad or iPhone.

BYOC is a Premium Service, for additional information please contact

FltPlan Legacy App for iOS No Longer Supported

Go with FltPlan Go

IMAGEJust a note to those few of you still using FltPlan Legacy that this app is no longer supported and is not compatible with the release of iOS11. FltPlan Legacy has not been available since early 2015. If you are still using the Legacy app, please go to the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or the Windows App Store and download our latest app, FltPlan Go.

FltPlan Go is free and has all the features of the FltPlan Mobile App (Legacy), plus many more features including Push Notifications and Syncing of NavLogs / Weather / Weight & Balance / Checklists, Split Screen, U.S. and Canadian Approach Charts on Maps, U.S. TAC and Canadian VTA Charts, Breadcrumbs with Playback, intergration with numerous avionics and portable ADS-B devices, improved weather graphics, fuel prices on maps, and much more.

FltPlan Stats

FltPlan submits more than 10,000 eAPIS manifests per month to U.S. Customs & Border Protection.


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