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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     October 4, 2017
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Faster and More Efficient Downloads for FltPlan Go iOS

IMAGEThe new Downloads section for FltPlan Go iOS streamlines the process for updating charts, procedures, and maps. All selections are consolidated into a single page view that displays the status of each: current, expired, not downloaded, etc. Users can quickly select the files that they wish to download, update, or delete.

With the new Express Updates feature, updating sectionals, TACs, enroute, and IFR area charts is four times faster and saves storage space on your device. When new charts are released for a cycle update, an Update All button will appear allowing you to update all charts with one click. For more directions, click here.

SMS Safety Share Provides Insight to Pilots Through
Real–World SMS Issues

IMAGEFltPlan is getting some great feedback from our FltSafety subscribers about our newest addition to our premium SMS program: SMS Safety Share.

With SMS Safety Share, users can learn from each other as they navigate the implementation of SMS for their company. SMS Safety Share highlights real–world SMS issues that have been faced by other FltPlan SMS users. You can search for issues from a variety of categories including safety, compliance, security, and training. A detailed description along with corrective action/mitigation information is posted for each issue. Use SMS Safety Share to gain insight into challenges that others have faced and resolved. Share your experiences and insights by adding comments.

IMAGEFltPlan SMS provides flight departments with the tools needed to comply with the SMS requirements of FAA Advisory AC120–92B, ICAO, IBAC’s IS–BAO, EASA, ACSF, and Transport Canada. Our SMS blends with your FltPlan account for easy entry and retrieval of weather briefings, NavLogs, and FRATS for flights entered by your flight department. All records and documents can be stored on our secure servers, accessible online by everyone on your team, or to show inspectors from anywhere in the world. Our system allows you to create multiple, custom FRATs to accomodate the unique needs of your flight department.

Log in to your SMS account and look for the SMS Safety Share button on the left of the FltSafety dashboard. Click to view recent posts or browse all posts by category. Click on any post for details and to add or read comments. All issues and comments are anonymous. For more information, contact

Easy Feature Allows You to Share NavLogs and Weather

Whether you are a flight instructor, charter operator, or work in a flight department, you can use our Shared Account feature to easily view another FltPlan user’s flight plans and weather.

FltPlan’s shared Navigational Log and Weather feature includes Multi Printout, Route Weather, and Flt Listing. With pilots set up for sharing data across independent FltPlan accounts, users can view Routes, NavLogs and current Weather/Notams for another pilot’s flight. These can also be downloaded for iPad, Android, or Windows devices for online and offline use with FltPlan Go. Access is restricted to viewing the Route, NavLog and Weather/Notams; each account is protected from changes by others.

Both pilots must opt in, using their respective accounts in the Share NavLog/WX page (Main Menu page > Settings > Share NavLog/WX). To view shared NavLogs and Weather, go to Main Menu page > Flight Planning > Multi Printout.

Important: Keep your Contact Information Current

There are a lot of reasons to keep the contact information in your FltPlan account up–to–date:

  • Seldom does a day go by when FltPlan doesn’t get a phone call from Nav Canada because a FltPlan user has forgotten to cancel their flight plan. (At uncontrolled airports Nav Canada starts Search and Rescue if you don’t cancel your flight plan when your flight is canceled.)
  • FltPlan gets frequent calls from ATC looking for an aircraft that’s out of contact.
  • If a flight plan can’t be filed because of incorrect data, we need to talk to the pilot to correct it.
  • There might also be an emergency, a problem with your route, or you may have forgotten to close your VFR flight plan.

Any of these scenarios would make it necessary for FltPlan to call a pilot quickly.

FltPlan is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so we are available to reach out to our users, no matter what the time of day. We must have a way to reach you quickly and directly. We typically check accounts for phone numbers and sometimes wind up calling the pilot’s family, company HQ, or chief pilot in an effort to track someone down.

To keep your contact information current, please go to Main Menu > Settings > User/Pilot Info. We will also check for emergency contact info in your A/C ICAO data.

Rest assured, we will not sell your phone number or email address or use it for any other reason than an emergency or an issue with your flight plan.

FltPlan Stats

FltPlan filed 86.5% of all flight plans for Citation Jets (CJ1s, CJ2s, CJ3s & CJ4s) in September 2017

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