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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     October 27, 2016
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FltPlan Adds FAA Forms and Insurance Data Collection to Free eLogbook

IMAGE With the push of a button, FltPlan’s free eLogbook now calculates and displays your flight time in the same format as FAA Form 8710 (Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application). Completing the form for a new rating or for renewing your CFI license has never been easier. The FltPlan eLogbook also stores the currency and time information that you need to provide to your insurance company when renewing your policy each year.

FltPlan’s eLogbook integrates with your FltPlan account and is easy to use and customizable, allowing you to:

• Transfer past flights created on and FltPlan Go
• Quickly fill aircraft information by creating tail number profiles, such as multi-engine, high performance, etc.
• Upload Photos, documents, and Flight Instructor endorsements and associate them with a specific flight
• Store passenger information, including names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses, which can be assigned to a specific flight
• Import data from other logbook programs in multiple formats

IMAGE For FltPlan accounts with multiple pilots, each pilot can access their eLogbook and transfer only the flights that they were associated with as either captain or co-pilot.

FltPlan’s eLogbook is a comprehensive tool that makes the process of logging flights, tracking hours, reviewing currency, recording certficates and ratings, and receiving endorsements simple and seamless.

Once registered, you can access your eLogbook from any device with the FltPlan Go app or through the website.

Search and Rescue (SAR) Patterns and Stadium TFRs Added to FltPlan Go

We’ve added SAR patterns and Stadium TFRs to our free FltPlan Go app for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

Commonly used by the military and Civil Air Patrol, these SAR patterns include Parallel, Sector, Expanding Square, Creeping Line, Route, and Grid Aligned. All of your flight patterns can be replayed using breadcrumbs.

This new feature will allow CAP Cadets to train for SAR procedures without the burden of purchasing an expensive device or app subscription. For more information, see our SAR handout.

We've also added the ability to view sporting event areas (stadium TFRs) affected by FDC Notam 4/3621. Being able to view stadium TFRs on the map helps pilots be aware of where the stadiums are when flying. To turn on this feature, go to Maps – Layers – and select Stadium TFRs.

"Minimum Fuel Required" Now Included on NavLog

FltPlan’s NavLog now includes minimum fuel required for your trip.

For IFR flights, you will see your taxi fuel, trip fuel, alternate fuel (if an alternate is entered), and 45 minute IFR fuel reserve (based on normal cruise speed).

For VFR flights, you will see your taxi fuel, trip fuel, alternate fuel (if you enter a VFR alternate), and a 30 minute VFR fuel reserve (based on normal cruise speed). Also for VFR, you will see the minimum fuel required for a night flight using a 45 minute reserve.

The new Minimum Fuel Required section is available on all NavLogs displayed on the website and on the free FltPlan Go app.

FltPlan’s New Manager Program Allows for Distribution of Company Documents and Messages

Our recently announced FltPlan Manager program includes two new features. Administrators can now post messages that appear on the Main Menu to quickly and easily communicate to their pilots in the field. Account managers can also post and distribute documents such as company notices and manuals. These two new features offer an efficient way to share company information.

FltPlan Manager allows large flight departments, flight management companies, charter operations, and fractionals to manage multiple accounts under a single management account. Company department heads, as well as schedulers and dispatchers, can easily see what flights are scheduled in each user's account and to make modifications when necessary.

The program offers two set-up options:
1. Individual pilot accounts bundled together under one "management" account
2. Setting up aircraft specific accounts which the pilots would log in to individually

From the dashboard, administrators can quickly access individual pilot's accounts to view their flight plans, or view all pilots' flight plans from their individual accounts on one screen. Whether you have five pilots or 500, FltPlan Manager allows authorized personnel to easily see what's going on.

For more information on FltPlan Manager, please see our brochure or send an email to

FltPlan Stats

There has been a 31.6% increase in people using our eLogbook program in the last 12 months.

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