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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     October 13, 2016
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FltPlan’s Two Methods of Fuel Burn Calculations


FltPlan provides fuel burn calculations that are both accurate and convenient. Just make sure your aircraft is entered in your account (Main Menu > Settings > Edit Aircraft List) and that the correct performance is selected from the drop-down menu. FltPlan then offers two different and independent means for getting fuel burn information: Hourly and Advanced.

The Hourly Fuel Calculation Method is the way a lot of you have been doing fuel burn calculations. For instance, the first hour you might burn 1900 lbs, the second hour 1700 lbs, third hour 1600 lbs, etc. To enter these values go to Main Menu > Settings > A/C Performance, select your aircraft, and then fill in the necessary information.

The Advance Fuel Burn Method is totally independent of the Hourly Fuel Calculation method. The Advanced Method takes into consideration your cruise altitude (and other factors) and is much more accurate than the hourly method.

The two methods derive their numbers separately from each other. You can set your account to show both methods on, both off, or one method on and one method off. Both methods take into consideration winds aloft and altitude constraints for most SIDs and STARs. Advanced and Hourly Fuel Burn information is available for most all aircraft. Please see our list of available performance profiles.


Fuel burn results are calculated to the destination only and do not include fuel needs to reach your alternate airport or to meet IFR fuel requirements. Suggested fuel needed to reach your alternate can be found near the bottom of the NavLog near the alternate information.

The total Fuel Burn will include the taxi fuel, based on the number entered in the A/C Performance section. You can change this default taxi fuel number to what you wish, based on your aircraft and the airports you normally depart.

Taking a few minutes to select your fuel burn preferences allows you to get the most accurate fuel burn calculations for your aircraft.

FltPlan's FltLogic Scheduling Program

Integrated. Innovative. Smart Flight Scheduling by

IMAGEWith much anticipation, FltPlan’s Scheduling program will be available November 15, 2016.

FltLogic is an innovative and integrated program that provides schedulers and dispatchers the convenience of being synced with existing accounts to offer accurate and reliable routing, departure and arrival, and estimated times enroute for trips. Its innovative design includes widgets that give quick access to the information and functions you need and let you customize your desktop view.

FltLogic is the only flight scheduling program that integrates with Flights are transferred between the Captain's account and the scheduling program instantaneously. Automatic notifications are sent to the pilot and crew when an event is created, when changes are made the day prior to flight, and four hours prior to the trip.

With our smart flight scheduling program, schedulers can create and edit trips, add passengers, view, print and email trip sheets on the custom color coded calendar as well as view all events by month, week, aircraft or pilot. They can upload any documents, certifications, licenses and pictures for individual users or aircraft. Actual flight times can be logged, including a breakdown of block time and flight time and will even log the amount of fuel burned and purchased.

FltLogic also includes a reporting widget to easily view graphical reports of historical and projected pilot and aircraft hours.

In keeping with the FltPlan system of web, apps, and premium services, we have also developed an app for FltLogic. The FltLogic app offers access to the calendar, features a searchable event list, and access to detailed event information. Schedulers can view trip sheets and passenger information, as well as receive push notifications for new events or updates to existing events.

Please see our FltLogic brochure and look for more information in the coming weeks.

2016 Pilots’ Choice Award Winners

We’d like to take the time to thank everyone that participated in our 2016 Pilots’ Choice Awards survey and to send congratulations to everybody who won. Congratulations to Odyssey Aviation on winning the Best Caribbean FBO, Meridian at TEB for being voted the best Northeast FBO, and to Banyan Air Service for placing number one for Southeast U.S. FBOs. If you have photos of your winning FBO, please feel free to send us a copy.

MeridianOdyssey AviationBanyan
FltPlan Stats

We have seen a 5.7% increase in unique users of our FltPlan Go app in the last month.


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