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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     November 26, 2015
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Latest Addition to Tools Section on FltPlan Go for iPad: Cloud Tops

By tapping on the Tools icon on the left side of FltPlan Go, you can find many valuable features that will make your in-flight experience easier and safer. The latest addition to this list is FltPlan’s new Cloud Tops.

Cloud Tops is a sight level that works using the camera on your iPad FltPlan Go app. Once your level is aligned and locked, Cloud Tops will allow you to set your Distance in nautical miles to the clouds, compensating for curvature of the earth. Distances will display in green when flying above the clouds, in red if headed into or below the clouds, and in orange when close to the clouds.

For directions on using Cloud Tops, click here.

Photos of the Cloud Tops tool in use taken from a Piper Cherokee (left) and a Bombardier Challenger (right).

FltPlan Go Now Connects with Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro

Jeppesen Mobile FD ProIn our last FltBrief, we announced that FltPlan Go for iPad integrates with the Jeppesen Mobile FD Version 2.7. Now, FltPlan Go also works with Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro.

Because many Part 135 operators and corporate pilots use Jeppesen charts versus NOS charts, we have made it so your FltPlan route can be transferred directly to your Jeppesen Mobile app. This offers you the best of both worlds. With FltPlan you get all of the features you’ve come to depend upon, and with Jeppesen you get high quality charts. Now there is no need to copy and paste a route from FltPlan to Jesppesen or to manually type it in.

For written instructions on how to transfer from FltPlan Go to Jeppesen Mobile FD, click here. You can also view our Jeppesen Mobile FD Integration support video for more information.

FltPlan Go Apptitude: This Week’s Tip from the FltPlan Tech Team

FltPlan Go ToolsFltPlan Go IconIn addition to the Cloud Tops feature, the Tools section of the FltPlan Go app offers many useful tools and calculators. This section of the app was recently redesigned for enhanced usability and easier navigation. The following calculators are included: Temperature Conversion, ISA Temperature, Density Altitude, Winds, Airport Winds, Fuel Conversions, and Numeric.

In addition, this section offers quick access to FltPlan’s PDC Service, our new Cloud Tops feature, Weight & Balance of your aircraft, your eLogbook, and Contact list.

To utilize the FltPlan Go app as the complete EFB it is, understanding the Tools section is essential, so the next time you use the FltPlan Go app, take a look.

Video Support Page: Viewing and Printing NavLogs from FltPlan Go

FltPlan is continuing to add new video tutorials to our Video Support page to help you use our website and apps to your best advantage. The latest video tutorial is Viewing and Printing NavLogs from FltPlan Go. This is a video that you are going to want to watch to understand the full capability of this new feature.

The Viewing NavLogs from FltPlan Go video explains the benefits of the NavLog updates and how to use them. We now offer the option of viewing your NavLog as a webpage or PDF with the tap of an icon. You can draw directly on your NavLog, and you can also rotate, lock, print, or email your NavLog as a PDF right from the NavLog section.

Access Video Support by clicking the camera icon on the bottom right side of the log-in page ( or, once logged-in, by going to Main Menu> Help > Video Support. See the step-by-step instructions here.

FltPlan Stats

86.0% of all N#-registered flight plans for Learjets
(from Learjet 31 through Learjet 60) were filed by FltPlan in October 2015.


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