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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     May 15, 2018
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FltLogic: Full–Featured, Affordable, Integrated

Since its debut in early 2017, the FltLogic Scheduling System has grown to be a powerful solution for GA scheduling. Following in the footsteps of, FltLogic implements new features on a regular basis.

FltLogic scheduling is designed to meet the complex needs of all flight departments, from single to multi–aircraft, with the unique benefit of integration. When a trip is created, that event is automatically sent to so that the pilot can create and file the flight plan. Estimated enroute times are automatically sent to FltLogic and are updated when a change occurs.

In addition to the most accurate, reliable flight times and fuel burns from, FltLogic provides 360–degree coverage from initial trip requests to post–flight reporting. Trip and trip change notifications ensure that everyone is kept in the loop. New features allow companies to store preferred FBOs and private hangars, and view usage reports by pilot, passenger, or aircraft. SIFL and other comprehensive reporting features are built in to the program and include multiple sorting/filtering options. We have teamed up with FlightBridge to offer discounts on hotels, car rental, and limousine services.

The FltLogic companion app for Android and iOS allows for on–the–go access to important trip details, reminders, and changes. Pilots can enter information for each trip into the Pilot log and upload expense receipts. Authorized users can even request and schedule trips directly from the app.

All FltLogic features are included in our simple and straightforward pricing. Two options, single or multi–aircraft, mean no surprises or additional fees for add–ons or modules.

Learn more about FltLogic’s features and capabilities or call 203–262–8500 to schedule a demo.

FltPlan Now Displays Mandatory Routes for Canada

With the warmer weather coming, more pilots will be flying into Canada. Certain airports in Canada have mandatory IFR routes. Now, for airports requiring the use of these routes, FltPlan includes a CFS Route Table which lists the appropriate mandatory routes for your flight. The CFS Route table shows you the direction, altitude, any limitations, and the procedure type for each CFS Route.

Cooperation by pilots in filing mandatory IFR routes results in fewer traffic delays and provides for better efficiency during departure and arrival.

If your departure or arrival airport requires the use of a mandatory route, FltPlan makes it easy. The CFS Route table will automatically appear on your flight plan creation page. Just choose the best route for your needs, then copy and paste it into the route entry field. This ensures that you are using a valid route and helps you stay on the right side of Nav Canada ATC.

FltPlan Adds Approach Charts for the Dominican Republic

Recently it was announced that FltPlan is the only authorized filer of electronic flight plans departing the Dominican Republic from International airports. Now we’re pleased to offer approach plates for the D.R. These charts are free and they are available on the website, as well as the FltPlan Go app for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. also provides full flight planning coverage for all of the U.S. and select airports in Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. So whether you’re going for business or pleasure, use FltPlan for your next trip to the Dominican Republic.

FltPlan and ACSF Collaborate on Safety Program

FltPlan is excited to be working with the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) to offer the charter and business aviation community an Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP). ASAP allows customers to combine the FAA’s ASAP program with FltPlan’s safety software.

FltPlan’s existing SMS program integrates with CSF’s ASAP. FltPlan’s participation allows SMS users to streamline the ASAP process, allowing users to save time without compromising data and reports.

"We are happy to offer the marketplace the ability to participate in ASAP all within the SMS software application," President Ken Wilson said. "This will represent a significant decrease in both time and cost for each participating charter & business aviation operator, without compromising their respective data and reports," noted Wilson.

SMS is a premium service. For more information, click here. To sign up, call 731–855–8000 Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Time.

FltPlan has You Covered with DUATS Closure

Many of you already know that CSRA DUATS will be discontinued, effective May 16, 2018. Please be assured that your flight plan filing and weather briefings will be unaffected. It’s business as usual at FltPlan.

FltPlan Stats

FltPlan has submitted more than 46,000 international manifests between January 1 – April 30.

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