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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     May 18, 2017
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FltPlan Integrates with PlaneLogiX

IMAGEPlaneLogiX customers can access their maintenance records directly from PlaneLogiX specializes in digital maintenance records and tracking for all types of aircraft. With PlaneLogiX, pilots can create an aircraft profile, allowing them to track every inspection and part replacement on the aircraft by time, calendar days, and/or cycles.

This data is then automatically pushed to, so when pilots log in to their accounts they see a snapshot of the plane’s maintenance status at the top of the Active Flight Plan List. A red X means the aircraft might have aging parts or be overdue for a maintenance procedure. A green check mark ensures the aircaft is up to date on all maintence requirements.

This system adds another valuable feature for PlaneLogiX users who want to be able to do it all right from These maintenance records increase their aircraft’s value when it comes time to sell. For more information, click here .

Don’t Refile Your Flight Plan for a Short Delay

So, you filed your flight plan and received your planned ATC route, but now the boss wants to take off an hour later. Don’t refile your flight plan; your clearance is good for two hours after the scheduled departure time.

Refiling your flight plan for a delay of less than 120 minutes can cause a second active flight plan to be released into the system. This often causes confusion and delays. If you’re at a towered airport, and your passengers are going to be more than 90 minutes late, there is no need to refile the flight plan. Just ask Clearance to update your departure time, and they will take care of it.

As a note, on the rare occasion that ATC doesn’t have your clearance, you can use our Clearance Hotline. FltPlan’s Clearance Hotline number appears on the upper right side of your NavLog. The Clearance Hotline is staffed 24/7, so we can quickly check what the issue might be and correct it for you. When warranted, we will refile the flight plan. The Hotline is solely for use when ATC doesn’t have your clearance. Support questions are handled by emailing

The Hotels Button is Back

FltPlan has teamed up with FlightBridge to provide you with nearby hotel information for your flight. Just verify your contact information and fill in your check–in and check–out dates. You’ll be offered a list of hotels within a preselected radius, along with a link to book your stay.

You can find the Hotels button at the top of each Airport Information page and on Quick Info.

FltPlan Stats

We have 4,577 current fuel prices for FBOs in the U.S., Canada, & the Caribbean.


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