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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     May 19, 2016
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New Enhancement: FBO Addresses Displayed on Airport Information Page

IMAGEFltPlan’s Airport Information page now includes FBO addresses, phone and fax numbers, and frequencies. FBO addresses can be found on both and our free FltPlan Go apps. This information has been displayed on the Pax Briefing for some time. It can be a great help in finding some of those out-of-the-way locations at the airport by copying and pasting the address into a mapping website such as Google Maps, making finding the FBO location a breeze.

On the web, go to Main Menu > Airports & FBOs, then enter your airport ID.

If you’re using FltPlan Go for iPad or Android, tap Airports then FBOs. To use the PAX Briefing, go to Main Menu > Flight Planning > PAX Briefing. From there you can select Single or Multi-Leg.

FltPlan Provides Documented Weather Briefings

For our Part 135 operators and our Part 91 turbine operators, FltPlan provides an easy way to document your weather briefing. This can be done either through our Multi Printout section or our full weather section. You can print a hard copy of your weather briefing, email it to yourself or your company, or save it to your computer for documentation. FltPlan also keeps a record of your weather briefing for at least 90 days. This is easily transferrable to the appropriate governmental agency, upon request, in the event of an incident or accident. You must be logged in to or FltPlan Go with your username and password for the weather briefing to be recorded.

Your weather briefing can include METARs, TAFs, FDC NOTAMs, ARTCC NOTAMs, Center NOTAMs, GPS NOTAMs, AIRMETs, and SIGMETs, PIREPs, and CWA & MIS (Center Weather Advisory and Meteorological Impact Statement).

By using your usename, FltPlan is able to easily correlate your preflight planning with your name or tail number and provide the FAA/NTSB the necessary information to show that weather and NOTAMs were obtained and what information you received. Just make sure you’re logged in.

XM WX Satellite Weather Now Available on Android and iPhone

XM Weather has been rolled out to our Android and iPhone FltPlan Go apps. XM Weather includes visibile and infrared satellite images, surface anaylsis, and radar weather which allows cloud cover and echo tops to be viewed directly on the maps. With Velocity Weather by Baron, FltPlan offers U.S. and Canadian weather data, superior quality graphics, and selectable overlays for routes and maps.

Add Your Company Logo to Your FltPlan Passenger Briefing

FltPlan allows you to customize your Passenger Briefing to include your company logo for a one time setup fee of $50. Combined with our clean design, this provides your passengers with professional and personalized information.

FltPlan’s revamped Passenger Flight Briefing gives users ultimate flexibility in the flight information that is provided to passengers. The new design of the Passenger Flight Brief is structured to display information for all types of aircraft and flights.

To create a PAX Briefing, log in to your account and from the Main Menu, select Flight Planning, then PAX Briefing.

To add your company’s logo, please call 203-262-6020.

FltPlan Offers Canadian Approach Fixes

To better serve our Canadian customers, we now offer all instrument approach procedure (CAPs) waypoints. This allows pilots to either file direct to an IAF or waypoint and/or use the waypoints on our mobile apps to better define their full route to the airport. Instrument approach procedures can also be viewed on the enroute charts, for better situational awareness.

FltPlan Stats

88.0% of all N#-registered flight plans for the Cessna CJ1, CJ2, CJ3 and CJ4
were filed in the last three months by


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