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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     March 15, 2018
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FltPlan Adds the Garmin® Connext™ System to its Connectivity Options

Garmin and FltPlan ConnectivityFltPlan is pleased to announce the Garmin Connext System is now part of our growing list of connectivity options. Integration with Garmin Connext is available from the FltPlan Go app for iOS devices. Android compatibility is in development and is expected to be available soon.

With compatible Garmin avionics, pilots can simply create a flight plan on for transfer to the FltPlan Go app and into select avionics once they arrive at the aircraft. Flight plan transfer capability is available with Flight Stream 510 and Flight Stream 210–equipped aircraft using Garmin 650/750 and 430/530W Series avionics. In addition, flight plans can be transferred to the Garmin Pilot app from FltPlan Go iOS.

FltPlan Go for iOS can receive and display ADS–B traffic, weather, AHRS, and GPS data from the following Garmin products:

The integration with Garmin significantly expands connectivity options for FltPlan users, giving them even greater flexibility in choosing the system that works best for their budget and needs. Click here for a complete list of compatible products.

Learn more about how to connect to Garmin with FltPlan Go.

New: Enter Your Airborne Contact Information

FltPlan’s A/C ICAO Data page now includes a field to enter airborne contact information. This could be any airborne phone number, email address, or text message address. FltPlan gets frequent phone calls from ATC looking for an aircraft that’s out of contact. With your airborne contact info added, it becomes a simple matter of reaching out to you with the correct frequency.

To enter your airborne contact information, go to Settings > Main Menu > A/C ICAO Data, and scroll down to the Emergency Contact & Aircraft Operator / Owner Info section.

New Information Included on Winds Aloft Matrix

In the latest enhancement to our Winds Aloft Matrix, we now show how many minutes are left in your trip and how much fuel you would use at various altitudes. This gives you more information en route to allow you a more accurate idea of what you will gain or lose by changing altitude.

We also now include the GMT conversion on all NavLogs and Winds Aloft sheets.

As always, you still get the following information within each matrix box:

  • Wind direction and speed. (i.e. 270/30, which would mean the winds are from 270 degrees at 30 knots)
  • ISA (International Standard Atmosphere) temperature is the deviation from standard temperature at this altitude and fix. i.e. +3 means the temperature is 3 degrees warmer than standard, -8 means the temperature is 8 degrees less than standard. The number in brackets next to ISA is the standard temperature at the associated altitude.
  • Comp is the Wind Component. + means tailwind and - means headwind. (i.e. + 24 means a 24 knot tailwind)

You can display Winds Aloft from the bottom of your NavLog. It’s also included on any NavLog that you download onto our free FltPlan Go app for iOS, Android, and Windows Devices.

Learn more about the Winds Aloft Matrix.

FltPlan Stats

75.4% of all flight plans for the two most popular turbo props (King Air 200 and Pilatus PC12)
were filed by in February.

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