March 2017, Issue 1
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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     March 1, 2017
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FltPlan Go Now Works With GDC64

FltPlan Go,’s free EFB app for iPad, now supports DAC International’s GDC64 Tablet Aircraft Interface Unit (TAIU). FltPlan Go users can transfer a wealth of information, including GPS position, heading, altitude, speed, and track information as well as onboard XM Satellite weather from their avionics into the FltPlan Go app.

The GDC64 connects directly to the aircraft’s power bus and is Part 25-approved. The unit features four ARINC 429 ports allowing for seamless transfer of this complex, real–time data to the FltPlan Go app. The wired connection of the GDC64 offers the added benefit of serving as a safe and approved power supply. Click here for more information about DAC International’s GDC64.

The free FltPlan Go app, featuring GDC64 support, is currently available for download from the Apple App Store.

Manage Your Fleet with FltPlan Manager

IMAGE Our new FltPlan Manager premium service offers administrative control of multiple aircraft and FltPlan user accounts from a single dashboard. Designed for charter operations, large flight departments, and fractionals, FltPlan Manager gives department heads, schedulers, and dispatchers visibility to scheduled flights and access to accounts when changes are necessary.

Two options are available:
1. FltPlan Manager AIRCRAFT
With this option, a unique account is created for each aircraft. Pilots log in to the aircraft to which they are assigned for each trip. This option is ideal for flight departments who have dedicated mobile devices for each aircraft within their fleet. Both the captain and copilot will share this aircraft account.
2. FltPlan Manager PILOTS
Pilots retain their unique accounts for flight planning and filing. The account administrator can access and make changes to anything within these FltPlan user accounts.

Both options allow administrators to live track aircraft and view custom route maps in FltPlan’s Map Builder. With FltPlan Manager, schedulers and dispatchers can look up specific pilots, tail numbers, contact information and more. In addition, FltPlan Manager works on our FltPlan Go apps for iPad and Android.

For companies setting up aircraft specific accounts, ICAO Data, Weight & Balance, company documents, aircraft documents, and checklists can be entered for each plane. This standardizes all aircraft in one easy-to-use program.

For more information on this premium service, send an email to

Enhancement to FltPlan’s Flight Release/OFP for Commercial Operators

IMAGEThe most recent update to FltPlan's U.S. Flight Release NavLog format and Canadian Operational Flight Plan (OFP) allows for a digital signature.

This premium option also includes columns for the operator’s name, contingency fuel, enroute reserve, hold reserve, and pilot signature. The Flight Release NavLog conforms to the requirements of FAR Part 121.687 and 125.403, while the Canadian OFP is compliant with Transport Canada 5.02 requirements. A company can have their own unique release acceptance statement that suits their needs.

For more information, please email



FltPlan will be at Women in Aviation International

Stop by our booth and meet some of the women on the FltPlan team at the Women in Aviation show in Orlando, FL. We’ll be at Booth #225 from Thursday, March 2 through Saturday, March 5th. Come see us if you have questions about the FltPlan website, the FltPlan Go app, or any of our Premium Services.

Your Vote Matters. Vote for Your Favorites
in the 2017 Pilots' Choice Awards Survey

Pilots’ Choice voting is now underway. If you are a registered user, you will see a Pilots’ Choice ballot button on the Main Menu when you log in to your account. Take the time to vote for the FBOs who work hard to provide you with exceptional service. We will be recognizing the top U.S., Canadian, Mexican, and Caribbean FBOs as well as small and large chain FBOs, ATC Towers, and ATC Centers. The Star and Ace categories recognize smaller FBOs who receive the most votes.

Voting ends on March 31st.

FltPlan Stats

We have seen a 53% increase in the number of aircraft using our PDC Premium Service in the last year


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