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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     June 28, 2018
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FltPlan Offers Free Take Off & Landing Notifications

FltPlan has always offered free Planned ATC Routes and EDCT Notifications for unblocked tail numbers. Now we’ve taken it one step farther: FltPlan also offers free Proposed, Take Off, and Landing Notifications. Notifications can be sent via email or text message and can be helpful in letting family members know when you took off/plan to arrive. It's a useful feature for pilots to keep their logbook records up to date with actual take off and landing times. For all trackers, FltPlan has added 30–minute notices before your planned arrival time and a message if the plane has diverted from its original destination.

To get your notifications, just go to Main Menu > FltTracking > Flight Tracking. Enter your tail number, email or text address, and put a check in the boxes for the notices you wish to receive.

FltPlan Go Integrates with Garmin® Connext™

FltPlan’s growing list of connectivity options includes the Garmin Connext system, combining select avionics with the simple, reliable flight planning that our users are accustomed to. This integration includes both FltPlan Go for iOS and Android, making FltPlan Go the only Android app (other than Garmin Pilot) approved to connect with the Garmin Connext System.

IMAGEWith compatible Garmin avionics, pilots can create their flight plan on for transfer to the FltPlan Go app, then into their avionics. Flight plan transfer capability is available with Flight Stream 510 and Flight Stream 210–equipped aircraft using Garmin 650/750 and 430/530W Series avionics. In addition, flight plans can be transferred to the Garmin Pilot app.

The integration with Garmin significantly expands the avionics choices for FltPlan users, allowing greater flexibility in selecting the system that works best for their budget and needs.

Learn more about how to connect to Garmin with FltPlan Go for Android or iOS devices.

FltPlan Now Offers VFR Sectional and TAC Legends

VFR Sectional and TAC Legends are now available on the website and on FltPlan Go. The legends can be found in the Documents section (Tools > Documents), and include Air Traffic Service and Airspace Information, Tower Frequencies, MOAs, SUAs, Prohibited and Restricted Areas, and more.

To access from FltPlan Go, Go to Downloads > Documents and tap on the VFR sectional legend to download (e.g. LEGEND VFR CHEYENNE). Once the file is downloaded, go to Binders > My First Binder (top center button) and select Documents. Tap on the document to view.

FltPlan Go is free and is available for iOS , Android , and Windows devices.

Reminder: Don’t Forget to Cancel Your Canadian Flight Plan When You Cancel Your Trip

In the U.S., a filed flight plan will simply expire if ATC is not contacted for an IFR clearance. In Canada, however, a filed flight plan is handled as a firm plan to depart.

At non–controlled airports, once a flight plan is filed, Nav Canada expects you to establish contact within 60 minutes of the scheduled departure time, otherwise search and rescue efforts begin.

To cancel a flight plan after it has been filed, you must contact Nav Canada. Nav Canada has a national phone number, and a phone call is the most reliable way to cancel your flight plan. The phone number appears on the top right side of your NavLog.

It’s also important that contact information on FltPlan be complete and up to date. Nav Canada will frequently contact FltPlan if there is an issue. To check your contact info, go to Main Menu > Settings > User/Pilot Info.

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