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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     June 14, 2018
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FltPlan Helps You File the Correct SID or STAR for your Aircraft

Did you know that FltPlan’s flight plan creation system matches your aircraft type against the SIDs and STARs in your route? What this means to you is that, if an arrival or departure has restrictions that would prohibit you from being assigned it, FltPlan gives you a heads up. You will receive an error message letting you know that the SID or STAR is not compatible with your aircraft type, so that you can go back and select one that works for you.

Available SIDs and STARs, along with any restrictions, can be found by scrolling down on the Flight Plan Creation page. IMAGE

Adding the Operator Name to your ICAO Format Flight Plan

In the continuing move toward ICAO format, the FAA is now requiring that Part 135 operators indicate their operator name in Item 18. With FltPlan, it’s a simple one–time process to set your account up to include this information in all of your ICAO format flight plans.

To add OPR information to your ICAO data, go to Main Menu > Settings > A/C ICAO Data and select the A/C. Under Emergency Contact & Aircraft Operator / Owner Info complete the Operator Name field.

While you’re there, please check to make sure your emergency contact name and phone number are current. This is the number FltPlan will call if there is an incident or accident, so please don’t enter your own contact information.

FltPlan Offers Operational Flight Plan for Mexico

FltPlan’s Flight Release or Operational Flight Plan (OFP) NavLog program, which already included the U.S. and Canada, is now also available for Mexican operators.

This premium option also includes columns for the operator’s name, digital signature, contingency fuel, enroute reserve, hold reserve, and pilot signature. The Flight Release NavLog conforms to the requirements of FAR Part 121.687 and 125.403, while the Canadian OFP is compliant with Transport Canada 5.02 requirements. A company can have their own unique release acceptance statement that suits their needs.

For more information, please email

Flight Plan Automatically Files with Mach Number

Per notam A0178/18, all flight plans filed in WATRS airspace going to Bermuda and the Caribbean are being automatically filed using mach numbers.

FltPlan Stats

We filed 90.5% of all flight plans filed with an N# for the month of May for the
Citation III, Citation V, Citation VI, Citation VII, Citation Encore, Citation Ultra, Citation Excel, and Citation XLS

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