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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     June 22, 2017
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Helpful Tips for Implementing SMS

Implementing a Safety Management System from the ground up can be challenging, especially for a smaller operation that generates a limited amount of data. Here are some helpful tools and tips from’s FltSafety SMS program:

  1. SMS Safety Share provides real life, aggregated, de–identified information from all our users about safety issues, mitigations, and resolutions. This is one useful tool for complying with the IS–BAO 3.2.4b. A1 events from external sources. Pertinent data and narrative from your entered risks and hazards can also be transferred to the NASA reporting form and submitted. There is also a link to the NASA ASRS Database and reporting system at the bottom of the dashboard menu.

  2. SMS Dashboard > Safety Assurance > Inspections and Audits provides a place to download the Audit Protocols and save the results as you go through. One excellent technique is to divide the protocols among different personnel. This has a dual benefit of dividing up the workload and giving each person an insight into different areas of the operation.

  3. Safety Performance Indicators (SPI) are an ICAO–based requirement for IS–BAO certification and EASA Third Country Operator (TCO) approval. You can flag newly entered risks and hazards by selecting preloaded or customized Safety Performance Indicators that your organization has identified for tracking. The SPI Performance page allows you to view and track your SPI data for targets, trends, and alerting purposes.

0An SMS Manual is available as a link on the SMS Administrator’s Dashboard which is a comprehensive User Guide. If you have not implemented SMS and would like to learn more about FltPlan’s SMS program, contact our premium services office at (731) 855–8000.

ATC Clearance Phone Number Now on Your NavLog

No more searching for a phone number to call for your clearance: FltPlan’s Navlogs now display direct phone numbers to ATC for clearance delivery at over 450 airports. This appears on the top center of your page, directly above the number for FSS.

Also on your Navlog, FltPlan’s Clearance Hotline number offers a place to call on the rare occasion that ATC doesn’t have your clearance. This line is monitored 24/7, so we can quickly check out the issue and correct it for you. The Hotline is solely for use when ATC doesn’t have your clearance. Support questions are handled by emailing

FltPlan Stats

King Air pilots filed 8,311 flight plans with in the last 7 days

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