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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     June 15, 2017
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FltPlan Go Partners with Gogo Business Aviation

GoGoFltPlan and Gogo Business Aviation have partnered to make the free FltPlan Go app and available to customers using Gogo's ATG 1000 inflight connectivity system.

FltPlan users on ATG 1000-equipped aircraft can create and file flight plans in flight and display current weather and radar images. All other features that FltPlan users rely on can be accessed in flight, including approach plates on maps, animated weather, auto syncing of navlogs, weather, routes, split screen, moving maps, geo-referenced approach plates and taxi charts, in-flight weather, checklists, and airport information.

FltPlan GoFor more information about Gogo Business Aviation, go to or

FltPlan Go is free and is available for iPad / iPhone, Android, and Windows 10.

Sync Your FltPlan Calendar to Your iPhone or iPad

Calendar Sync

Users of our popular calendar can send events to their iOS calendar by following these simple steps:

  • Open FltPlan Go and go to the tab
  • Tap on the Web button to open your account in a Safari web browser
  • Tap on Display Calendar at the bottom of the Active Flight Plan List
  • At the bottom of the Calendar, tap on Calendar Sync
  • This will prompt a calendar option where you can tap on Add All
  • This will add the events to the calendar app on your iOS device

FltPlan's integrated calendar is a great tool that allows you to organize and display flights and other important events. To explore the calendar, click on the Display Calendar button below your Active Flight Plan list on the Main Menu.

Save Time and Money with FltPlan's eLogbook

eLogbookFltPlan's free eLogbook makes it easy to manage your flight logs from any device. Because our eLogbook integrates with your FltPlan account, flight plans created on are automatically transferred to your eLogbook.

Colorful at-a-glance graphs let you track currency, show flying trends, landings per year, past flights, flight times, and more. Documents can be uploaded and assigned to specific flights for business or personal record keeping. You can upload photos from your flight as a visual reference or just for fun.

Your eLogbook data is stored on FltPlan's secure servers and can be accessed from or FltPlan Go from any device. For added flexibility, FltPlan's eLogbook functions as a standalone program.

With FltPlan's free eLogbook you can:

  • Transfer your flight plans automatically from
  • Store passenger names and details to assign to eLogbook entries
  • View currency status and graphical flight data
  • Upload documents, receipts, and photos and assign them to specific flights
  • Store and customize aircraft profiles – no need to re-enter aircraft data
  • Easily import past total hours and flight plan data
  • Customize entries to include passenger info, trip notes, etc.
  • Customize your home page wallpaper
  • Store instructor endorsements, including any of the 77 FAA official instructor endorsement forms included in the program
  • Calculate and display flight time in the same format as FAA Form 8710 (Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application)

To register for our eLogbook, log in to your account and select Tools > eLogbook from the Main Menu.

If you're interested in switching to FltPlan's eLogbook, we can assist you with making that transition by importing your existing elogbook data.

Send an email to for more information.

FltPlan Stats

The number of FltPlan SMS subscribers has grown by 24% since June 2016.


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