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Think of FltPlan for Nav Canada Canadian Paper Charts

Canadian Maple LeafIf you have plans for flying to Canada this summer, please remember FltPlan has the Canadian paper charts you need. Whether TAC (VTA) & sectional charts (VNC), hi/low enroute charts, approach charts (CAP), or Canadian Flight Supplement (including the water supplement), FltPlan can meet your needs.

Also, remember that the Chart Store offers a wide variety of U.S. paper charts, including approach plates/terminal procedures, high altitude enroute charts, low altitude enroute charts, sectionals, terminal area charts, world aeronautical charts, and digital products. We also offer Mexican WAC charts.

To view our entire inventory of U.S. and Canadian paper charts, please visit

You can also get Canadian charts online or on the FltPlan Go apps. For more on this see our last FltBrief.

Entering an NDB in Your Route

When you’re creating your Canadian flight plan, you may need to enter an NDB. That’s no problem as long as you are entering it correctly. The only difference for entering an NDB (versus a VOR) is that you must put "-NDB" after the fix identifier. The correct format is XXX-NDB, where XXX is the NDB fix identifier. Example: DIW-NDB or CLB-NDB.

FltPlan Go Apptitude: How to Adjust Notification Settings on FltPlan Go

FltPlan Go IconOur new auto sync feature on FltPlan Go has been a phenomenal success, with hundreds of thousands of NavLogs and Weather Briefings being automatically downloaded to iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. Part of this system is a notification that new information has been downloaded. This is designed to alert users to new Routes, NavLogs, Checklists, and changes to any W & B profile. You can control whether or not you receive these notifications, without affecting the auto syncing.

Within Apple devices there are two places to adjust notifications and many ways to customize when and how you receive your notifications.

From within the FltPlan Go app you can turn off notifications so they don’t come up while you are using the app. To do this go to the Settings tab where you’ll find a switch labeled "Show Notification Alert."  With just this turned off you will still receive notifications but not while you’re in the app. It will just update automatically.

You can also control notifications through the Settings menu of the iPad / iPhone by doing the following:

  • Go to Settings and tap Notifications
  • Scroll down to the FltPlan app
  • There are several choices here and you can customize it for your preference

On an Android device there is only one place to turn off Notifications. The steps are:

  • Go to Settings and tap Applications
  • Tap on the Application Manager
  • Find and tap on FltPlan Go
  • At the top is a checkbox to ‘Show Notifications’

Filing SIDs and STARs correctly and easily with

When you file with, make sure you are filing a SID or STAR that is appropriate for your aircraft type and equipment. This will avoid problems or changes either before departure or enroute as you approach your destination. The most recent user route or Planned ATC routes may show the ALB.NOBBI5 arrival into KHPN (White Plains), but this doesn't mean you should use it if you are flying a Hawker H25B. What you should file is the ALB.VALRE5. Why? The ALB.NOBBI5 is for turboprops less than 250kts, and the ALB.VALRE3 is for aircraft greater than 250kts.

Many SIDs and STARs are specific to categories such as turbojet, route altitudes, RNAV capability, or runway. If you file for a SID or STAR that is incorrect for your aircraft, the flight plan route will be rejected and a full route clearance will be required before take-off. Or your route may have to be changed after takeoff, creating inefficiency for you and ATC.

On's Flight Plan Entry page, you can scroll to the bottom to see a list of SIDs for your departure airport and STARs for your arrival airport. Next to each one is a brief recap of the restrictions for each procedure. Below that are drop down boxes to select each SID or STAR and view the chart. Because there are so many different types of restrictions, it is important to read them and make sure you have filed the right procedure. To the left is the SID & STAR data for a flight plan from KCLE to KHPN. Using this information and using the correct SID/STAR for your aircraft when creating your flight plan will ensure a smooth flight.

On a related note, if you are filing RNAV SIDs or STARs, please make sure you have your equipment correctly selected on your A/C ICAO Data page. To enter your ICAO data, go to Settings > A/C ICAO Data, and then select your aircraft. FltPlan provides Help links for each section.

FltPlan Stats

82.6% of all N#-registered flight plans for Cessna Citations (from C500 to the Citation X) were filed by FltPlan in May.

Textron Aviation

Import Your FltPlan Routing to Dynon Avionics Equipment

You can now import your FltPlan route into your Dynon Avionics SkyView system using a USB flash drive. For more information click here.

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