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FltPlan Completes Rapid Decompression Testing for Android Tablets

FltPlan recently completed the Federal Aviation Administration's required rapid decompression testing for Android tablets. The tests were successful, showing the Android’s integrity in the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure. Tests were conducted to an altitude of 51,000. This means your Android tablet can be FAA-approved for in-flight use.

Android Icon Testing was performed on four different Android tablets made by two different manufacturers: Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab, and ASUS MeMO. View the testing video here.

FltPlan will be making these test results available, so FltPlan users can use it to become certified by the FAA to use android devices in their aircraft. Last week we announced that FltPlan Go is available on the Android. This great tool allows you to keep FltPlan at your fingertips in-flight and offline. Android FltPlan Go’s latest version includes:
  • Geo-referenced approach charts for the U.S. and Canada

  • Geo-referenced taxi charts for the U.S. and Canada

  • Moving maps for the U.S. and Canada, the Caribbean, and Central America

  • Sectionals and low / high altitude IFR charts

  • The Canadian Flight Supplement

  • VNCs (Canadian Sectionals)

  • Canadian Airport Diagrams

  • ADS-B and Breadcrumbs (coming soon)

For an overview of FltPlan Go Android tools and features, download the FltPlan Go Android Tutorial.

Has the battery life in your tablet ever run low or died while in flight? Always keep a paper backup of your charts in the cockpit.

With our chart subscriptions you are always up to date and current. Visit the FltPlan Chart Store at to order your subscriptions and use the FltPlan Chart Store Chart Finder to help you find the specific charts you need for your flights.

We do same day shipping. Order by 5 p.m. EST and we will ship out the same day. With Express shipping, you will have your charts in 1 to 2 business days!

Android Tablets Tested

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Tablet

Galaxy Tab 3
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Tablet

Nexus 10
Samsung Google Nexus 10 Tablet


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