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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     July 12, 2018
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New Oceanic NavLog Format

FltPlan now offers Oceanic format for NavLogs as an additional option. This format will automatically be displayed on the iPad when flying in oceanic airspace. It can also be selected from the Main Menu page ("OC" under Display NavLog), from the Multi Print display (Flight Planning > Multi Printout), and when creating the flight plan.

Add Your Company Logo to Your FltPlan Passenger Briefing

FltPlan allows you to customize your Passenger Briefing to include your company logo for a one time setup fee of $50 per account. Combined with our clean design, this provides your passengers with professional and personalized information.

FltPlan’s Passenger Flight Briefing gives users ultimate flexibility in the flight information that is provided to passengers. The design of the Passenger Flight Briefing is structured to display information for all types of aircraft and flights.

To create a PAX Briefing, log in to your account and from the Main Menu, select Flight Planning, then PAX Briefing.

To add your company’s logo, please call 203–262–6020.

FltPlan Makes it Easier to Choose the Correct SID or STAR

FltPlan’s automatic system of matching your aircraft type against the SIDs and STARs in your route now goes one step further: In the past we simply sent an error message letting you know that you selected an invalid arrival or departure. Now we also show the SIDs and STARs that are valid for your aircraft in green text on the Flight Plan Creation page. What this means to you is that, if an arrival or departure has restrictions that would prohibit you from being assigned it, FltPlan gives you a heads up. When creating your route, just use one of the departures or arrivals that appear green, and you avoid the error message altogether.

Available SIDs and STARs, along with any restrictions, can be found by scrolling down on the Flight Plan Creation page. IMAGE

"Pseudo" Waypoints: What does CMK0100 mean on my NavLog?

In order to provide the most accurate flight times and fuel burn information, adds what we call "pseudo" waypoints to your navigational log. These points are added when you create a flight plan with a long DIRECT segment between navaids, fixes, or airports.
CMK0100 means a pseudo waypoint 100nm from the CMK VOR.
PEBBY0050 means a pseudo waypoint 50nm from the PEBBY intersection.
KSAF0200 means a pseudo waypoint 200nm from the KSAF airport.

For instance, if you create a flight plan from TLH to HOU with a route of SZW J2 CEW (and then direct to KHOU), will insert three additional points on the NavLog.

By doing this, is providing points every 100nm for ETE and fuel burn information. This provides the pilot with the accurate information needed while in flight for how–goes–it comparisons.

Some notes:

1.) These points are not filed with ATC. The filed route is what you entered, and this route is listed on the top left side of the NavLog.

2.) The distance between pseudo waypoints varies based on Route distance and aircraft speed. (e.g. A Cessna 172 might get pseudo waypoints every 10 miles on short leg, and a Lear 45 might get 100nm pseudo waypoints.)

3.) You can enter these points into your FMS, if you wish, using the Lat/Long listed on the NavLog. Then enter the forecast winds associated with these pseudo waypoints.

FltPlan Stats

93.7% of all N# flight plans for Beechjet 400s and Hawker 400 XPs were filed with in June


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