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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     July 11, 2017
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Calendar SyncEnhanced Reporting Features and More Added to FltLogic Scheduling Program

Calendar SyncFltLogic is a comprehensive, reasonably priced flight scheduling program that integrates with Since its initial launch in November 2016, we’ve added a number of features designed to further streamline the scheduling process and provide access to essential pilot, aircraft, and tax-related data.

Recent FltLogic additions include:

  • Enhanced trip expense, aircraft utilization, and pilot/passenger reporting
  • Pilot Duty Time tracking, including Repeat Duty Time
  • User SIFL reporting for taxes
  • Quick Change form – quickly edit information for multiple legs on one page

Calendar SyncCalendar SyncBecause FltLogic is web–based and integrated with, users are assured of the most accurate flight times. The FltLogic companion app for iOS and Android offers on–the–go access to calendars, change notifications, and trip sheets.

FltLogic customers benefit from exceptional customer service, including live support and individualized training.

The FltLogic brochure provides an overview of FltLogic features and capabilities. To schedule a demo, contact the FltLogic Support Team at 203–262–8500 or

FltPlan Go Offers a Predictive Keyboard

Calendar SyncOur free FltPlan Go app’s predictive keyboard makes it easier than ever to create your route. Just start to type in the fix or airport identifier and the predictive keyboard will give you the likeliest options. Tap on the correct one, and it will automatically be populated into the route field. The more letters of the fix or airport id you type in, the narrower your range of choices will be.

FltPlan Go is available for iPad/iPhone, Android, and Windows 10 devices.

Pick Up Your IFR Clearance Over an Enroute Fix

Did you know that FltPlan lets you file starting from an enroute fix, like a VOR or intersection? By doing so, you can depart VFR, and ATC will have an IFR clearance waiting for you starting from a point along your route. In addition, FltPlan’s NavLog will still reflect your full route, so you have accurate ETEs and Fuel Burns and not just numbers starting at the clearance point. This feature can be very practical for those departing airports in certain areas of the country where an IFR clearance requires lengthy delays or routing.

Using this feature is easy: Just create the NavLog as you always have. If you desire to pick up your IFR clearance from a point along your route, simply use the box and enter the fix.

The NavLog will reflect this type of filing with a message. will take care of the math by figuring out the crossing time over the fix.

If your plans change (e.g. because of weather), and you want to get your clearance on the ground at your departure airport, just modify your flight plan by removing the fix from the box. Your flight plan will then go back to being a standard flight plan with the departure airport being your filing point.

FltPlan Stats

In June, FltPlan filed 88.3% of all N# flight plans for Citations III, V, VI and VII


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