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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     July 14, 2016
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FltPlan Go for iPad Adds KMZ Files and ADS-B METARs

IMAGEThe growing number of pilots flying special operational missions like aerial surveying, photography, and mapping has led FltPlan to incorporate the use of KMZ, KML, and CSV files. FltPlan Go can now open and parse these files and display their contents on the Maps page. Additionally, you can tap on a point and easily add it to your route or save it as a custom waypoint. Import these files onto your iPad/iPhone for use in flight. For more information, check out FltPlan’s iPad User Manual pages 40-41.

In continuation of FltPlan building on our ADS-B capabilities, besides the FAA METAR Report, we now offer METAR decoding and visual color-coded METARs. Customize the color-coded METARs to fit your specific flying requirements by setting your own range for each of the four options available: ceiling, visibility, winds, and temperature. This feature increases your situational awareness while viewing your flight with FltPlan Go enroute. The FltPlan Go app is available on the Apple App Store (search on FLTPLAN).

Get Professional International Handling with FltPlan

As part of our suite of services, FltPlan offers professional International Handling to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Unlike other handling services, with FltPlan what you're quoted is what you pay. You won't receive additional bills over and above what you're quoted. Our professional, full-time staff is available to check all your documents for completeness, accuracy, and currency; check your insurance requirements; pay your overflight fees; meet your aircraft with trip information; and much more.

Our bilingual handling staff offers local expertise, working relationships with local governments, and personal experience flying in the region.

With our full handling service we provide:

• APIS Services: Filing of U.S., Mexico and CARICOM APIS
• Airspace Fees: Most countries charge for the use of their airspace. Avoid being denied entry into airspace or being detained on the ground due to unpaid fees
• Overflight and Landing Permits: Avoid delays, fines or denial of entry into foreign airspace or airports, including Cuba for authorized flights. We obtain the required permits for you
• Aeronautical Planning: Identify preferred routes, recommended airports of landing, and process overflight and landing permits
• Ground Handling: Breeze through arrival formalities and have us take care of paying all local fees and arranging lodging and transportation for the crew
• U.S. CBP Overflight Exemptions: Fly directly to your destination in the U.S. without having to stop at the border first
• Charter Operating Permits: Be in compliance with local laws and regulations when operating a charter flight to other countries

It's easy to go online and get a quote for your next trip. First create your flight plan, then look for the Handling message link below your international flight plan on the Active Flight Plan List. Click on the link, complete the information, and within 48 hours we will get back to you with a quote for providing complete, personalized handling for your trip.

FltPlan’s Premium PDC Delivery Service

Did you know that FltPlan offers PDCs for Jet & Turbo Props that are NOT equipped with a datalink box on board their aircraft? Pre-Departure Clearances (PDCs) are text clearances issued for an IFR flight plan. They are available at 70 airports throughout the U.S. The PDC will include:

• Your Filed Route
• Any amendments to your route
• Your Cleared Altitude
• Your Transponder Code
• Your Departure Frequency
• Any Special Instructions

Your PDC is equivalent to receiving a verbal clearance from Clearance Delivery. Unlike our Planned ATC Routes, the PDC is your ATC Clearance.

ATC generates the PDC approximately 25 to 30 minutes prior to the filed departure time. The PDC will then be forwarded to Once received, a PDC Available message will automatically be displayed on your Active Flight Plan List. The PDC can also be distributed to the pilot and co-pilot via email addresses or text messages, as set up in your User/Pilot Info section. In order to receive your PDC clearance by email or text message, you MUST file the flight plan through

Please don't confuse a Planned ATC Route (already available through text message and on the web) with a PDC. The Planned ATC Route is what ATC is planning for your flight, but it is not your actual clearance.

Here are a few important reminders about the PDC program:

• Once activated, PDC use will be required at all airports where they are available. (Please reference the list of airports)
• It is the responsibility of the person who enrolled in the PDC program to notify ALL pilots that are filing flight plans for this particular N# that it has been enrolled in the PDC program and is required to be used.
• The flight plan for this aircraft MUST be filed with in order to receive the PDC.

To help you out, we have also added an alert to NavLogs for flight plans departing a PDC airport with PDC enrolled aircraft.

For more information or to sign up for PDC notification through, please click here.

New eLogBook Feature: Add-Ons

IMAGEFltPlan has enhanced the eLogbook program with a new Add-On feature. This feature allows users to assign and edit passengers, documents, photos, and remarks to individual log entries. When editing or importing a log into FltPlan’s eLogbook, there is a new section titled, Add-Ons. The Add-Ons section displays passengers, documents, photos, or remarks icons to show what has been uploaded for the selected trips. For more information, check out our eLogBook Manual.

FltPlan Stats

Pilots flying new aircraft are using FltPlan. In June 2016, we filed
92.1% of all N#-Registered HondaJets and TBM-900s.


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