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FltPlan’s New Web-Based Map Builder

Our Map Builder will change the way you view your route displayed on a map. Take your flight plan and display your route with winds aloft, TFRs, SIDs & STARs, NEXRAD weather radar, and user-defined, color-coded METARs. By simultaneously viewing the planned route of your aircraft with current conditions, you’ll have the predictive information you need on a single map to fly more safely.

Experience our Map Builder by creating your flight plan. From your NavLog, select any of the following map tabs: Imagery, Sectionals, Jet Airways, and Victor Airways to access the Map Builder. Build your user-defined default specifications so when your route appears on the map, it’s personalized to meet all your flight planning needs. This can be up to 12 different background maps, 11 map layers, and 5 possible weather layers as well as route view options ranging from the color of your route line to its opacity. Directional, color-coded wind arrows will appear indicating the winds at the set altitude of your flight. This is one of the many ways in which FltPlan’s Map Builder can be made your own.

The Map Builder can be accessed from any device – desktop, tablet, phone or laptop. With FltPlan, there is no need to pay for costly licenses. FltPlan provides free visual and IFR charts for the U.S. and Canada for use on as many devices as you'd like.

For more information on using the Map Viewer, click here.

FltPlan's new web-based Map Builder lets you create your map from the bottom up with
12 base layers, 11 map layers, 5 weather layers plus winds aloft, and customizable METARs.
FltPlan's New Map Viewer FltPlan's New Map Viewer

Fuel Prices Now Available Offline on FltPlan Go for iPad

While you’re flying, see fuel prices along your route of flight right on the map. Fuel prices are continuously updated and are now available offline and inflight on FltPlan Go for iPad. FltPlan has the most current and accurate fuel prices of any fuel price provider. We currently post fuel prices for over 4500 FBOs on our website and mobile apps. Thanks to the support of all our participating FBOs, that’s more than ever before.

There are now two ways to get fuel prices:

  • If you want fuel prices for a specific airport, you can tap Airport > FBO for a specific FBO or Airport > Fuel for a complete list.
  • With our new feature you can get area fuel prices at a glance. Go to Maps > Layers > Fuel Prices and select Av Gas or Jet Fuel. You can see all the fuel prices for the area along your route of flight. Tap on any of the listings to see all of the fuel prices and additional information.

If you are an FBO, and would like to promote your fuel sales, please contact or see

FltPlan Go is free and is available from the App Store.

. FltPlan Go Fuel PricesFltPlan Go Fuel Prices

FltPlan Customer Support is Available Around the Clock

Flight Planning is a 24/7 endeavor, shouldn't your flight planning support be available whenever you need it? At FltPlan, we are committed to around the clock support, offering 24/7 customer care. You can e-mail us at with any concern and most e-mails are answered within minutes. Giving us the proper information can make a huge difference to the ease and speed with which we answer your questions.

Here's what we need from you:

  1. Always include your full name, your username, and your N number when appropriate.
  2. Also include a contact phone number, in case we feel a phone call would be more appropriate than an e-mail.
  3. Be very specific with your question and give us as much information as possible. For instance, if it's about a particular flight tell us your name, username, N number, and the departure and arrival airports. If you're writing because you received an error message, copy and include the message in your email. Also, let us know what device and which browser you're using to access Unlike other companies who only work with one device, supports a variety of tablets and smartphones.

We'll be able to answer you more efficiently if we have all the necessary details right from the start.

Not Getting your Notifications? Make Sure FltPlan is Not Sent to Spam

If you're not getting your Planned ATC Routes, Filed Notices, EDCT, or premium notifications (such as PDCs, SMS alerts, eAPIS confirmation) and you've already checked that the email addresses are correct, it could be that the notifications are getting marked as spam. This could be a function of your company's IT department, your email provider, or your antivirus software. Please make sure all emails from,, and are whitelisted. We know your notifications are important to you; help us help you.

FltPlan Stats

2,500,000 push notifications have been sent from the FltPlan website to the FltPlan Go app for iPad, iPhone and Android app since June 1, 2015.


2016 FAR/AIM Now For Sale at the Flight Plan Chart Store

An invaluable resource for General Aviation, Sport Pilots, and Instructors, the 2016 FAR / AIM combines the Aeronautical Information Manual with the most up-to-date information on FAA regulations. The Chart Store currently has this publication on sale for $9.95.

Visit to place your order and to browse our complete inventory of products.

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