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Use Our Favorites Feature to Make Your Flight Planning Easier

Did you know you have the option to select up to five different sections of FltPlan and have the links listed under Favorites? You can choose the pages you use most frequently and list them at the top left side of the Main Menu page for quick and easy access.

Set your Favorites by clicking on the Settings button on the left side of the Main Menu and then the Default User Settings link. Find the Select Favorites link at the bottom of the page (see image below), and then choose your favorites from the drop-down menu. Click on Save Favorites when you're done.

Select Favorites
The Favorites button is especially convenient when using the FltPlan Go app, particularly on smaller tablets and smartphones. Just tap on the icon and your Favorites are on the top left side.

While you’re on the Default User Settings page, check out all the other settings that can simplify your flight planning. You can set defaults for everything from VFR flight planning to Weather to ICAO Item 18 STS/Special Handling.

Main Menu Favorites

Select your top five FltPlan features and tools to appear at the top of the Main Menu in your account.

FltPlan Go for Android now Supports ADS-B

FltPlan GoOur FltPlan Go app for Android now works with four different ADS-B units: Dual XGPS170, Flight Data System's Pathfinder, iLevil AW, and SkyRadar D2/DX. The FltPlan Go for iPad is compatible with all of these, as well as Sagetech Clarity.

Where some apps may lock you into using one brand of ADS-B receiver, FltPlan allows you to select your own, based on your needs and your price range. Conversely, if you decide to use an app other than FltPlan Go (we can’t imagine why you would), you’re not stuck with an unusable receiver that you paid hundreds of dollars for.

As always, FltPlan Go is free. You can get the Android FltPlan Go app at the Google Play Store. If you’re an iPad user, download the free iPad FltPlan Go app from the App Store.

Winds and METARs Enhancements on FltPlan Go for iPad

FltPlan Go Winds & METARsWe’re really pleased with the new upgrades we’ve made to FltPlan Go for iPad. The latest version of FltPlan Go includes a selectable winds overlay. Directional arrows and color-coded wind speeds are shown for 1000-foot intervals and can be selected as an overlay on any map with your route. Arrows indicate predominant patterns and winds can be shown in two scales: for high performance aircraft (scaled up to 150 knots) or for smaller/slower aircraft (scaled up to 45 knots). This allows pilots flying any aircraft type to see the big picture and select optimum routes and altitudes based on current wind information.

FltPlan GoAnother significant addition to FltPlan Go for iPad is user-defined, color-coded METARs that indicate current ceiling, visibility, winds, and temperature. This is an industry first. Map overlays showing the world map, SIGMETs, AIRMETs, PIREPs, and winds aloft have been added as well.

FltPlan Go is free and is available for download from the App Store.

Four Aircraft Profiles Added to FltPlan’s Free Weight & Balance Program

The Britten Norman Islander BN2A, the Rockwell Commander 700, the Alarus CH 200, and the Cirrus SR22T G5 are the latest aircraft profiles entered in FltPlan’s already successful Weight & Balance program. This great tool is free and available on the full website or on FltPlan Go for iPad and Android.

FltPlan is always adding aircraft to our Weight & Balance program. We currently have over 700 makes and models of aircraft in our database. Whether you're flying a glider, a helicopter, a crop duster, or a jet, FltPlan's Weight & Balance can work for you.

Set up your Weight & Balance on the FltPlan website by clicking on the Tools button on the left side of the Main Menu page and selecting the Weight & Balance link.

FltPlan Stats

76.7% of all N#-registered flight plans for Pilatus PC12s and TBM 850s were filed by FltPlan in June.

Pratt & Whitney

New Cycle of Paper Charts Coming to the Flight Plan Chart Store

Place your orders with the Flight Plan Chart Store for the next editions of your Aeronautical Charts. July 23rd is a chart mid-cycle and the FAA will issue new editions of the following publications:

  • Sectional Charts
  • Bethel, Charlotte, Cheyenne, Denver, El Paso, McGrath, Omaha, Baltimore / Washington DC, Wichita

  • Terminal Area Charts
  • Baltimore / Washington DC, Charlotte, Denver, Philadelphia

  • World Aeronautical Charts
  • WCF-17

  • Helicopter Charts
  • Baltimore / Washington DC

As always, our U.S. paper charts are offered at 20% off list price. Visit to view our complete inventory of products.

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