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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     January 16, 2018
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Part 135 Operators Can Save Big by Using FltPlan Go
Part 91K, 121, and 125 can save, too

FltPlan GoYour charter company can save tens of thousands of dollars every year by using FltPlan Go to meet the requirements of OpSpec A061. FltPlan Go has been approved by numerous FAA POIs for replacing paper charts on the flight deck.

Companies are starting to recognize that they don’t need to use other high priced apps to meet the requirements of A061. They’d rather use our free FltPlan Go app that has full coverage of US and Canada. FltPlan’s free Weight & Balance program has also been approved for Part 135 operators.

The FAA policy for EFBs has been updated, making it even easier for you to choose FltPlan Go. According the newly revised A061, the operator no longer needs to list specific authorized EFB software. This means if that if you’ve already been approved for A061, you can easily switch to FltPlan Go without FAA approval.

To be certified, you’ll need an operations manual for use of a mobile device and FltPlan Go. Overwhelmed by trying to set up your own manual? FltPlan can help by offering full manuals and support for getting certified by the FAA at a lower cost than other services available.

Why choose FltPlan Go for your EFB?

  • Avoid costly licensing fees that limit you to one or two devices
  • FltPlan Go can be installed on both company iPad and personal iPad/iPhone
  • No hassles when a pilot leaves the company
  • Pilots can share NavLogs and Weather Briefings
  • Store and share company documents

For more information on getting a manual made for FltPlan Go, please contact

FltPlan Premium Service Customers Save on
Hotels & Car Rentals with FlightBridge

FlightBridge, in conjunction with FlightBridge, now offers negotiated pricing to FltPlan’s Premium Service Customers. Whether you use FltPlan’s eAPIS service, Flight Tracking, or SMS, you can be saving on your hotel reservations and car rentals.

FlightBridge offers online reservations tailored to the complex process of aviation travel planning. Save money on hotel reservations by accessing FBO rates and preferred vendor rates for hotels wherever you travel.

  • Display our negotiated rates and book your hotel or rental car by clicking the Hotels/Rental Cars button on the Airport/FBO page.
  • FlightBridge will store your rewards numbers and credit card information (if selected) to streamline future bookings.
  • FlightBridge reduces the amount of time crew and dispatchers spend on the phone by allowing them to electronically make reservations for cars to be delivered to the FBO.

FltPlan’s premium services include Enhanced Flight Planning, SMS, eAPIS, FltLogic Scheduling program, FltPlan Manager corporate program, Dot Com Call Signs, Premium Flight Tracking, Runway Analysis, PDCs, and International Overflight. For more information, please email Your email will be directed to the appropriate department.

FltPlan’s eAPIS Service Includes Canadian API/PNR for Commercial Operators

Canadian API/PNR (Advance Passenger Information / Passenger Name Record) is now available to commercial operators who subscribe to FltPlan’s eAPIS service. FltPlan’s Canadian API/PNR service assures that commercial operators who are registered with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) as a FltPlan client are in compliance with CBSA requirements. This integrates FltPlan's system with the Canadian API/PNR system to allow commercial carriers who fly in and out of Canada the convenience of submitting their U.S. eAPIS & Canadian API through our website. Canadian API/PNR can be added to your FltPlan eAPIS subscription for a one–time set up fee.

FltPlan has been providing U.S. eAPIS since 2009. We were the first commercial provider to be certified by DHS/Customs for submissions of eAPIS manifests for Part 91 operators. We have since added Mexican and Caricom APIS to our menu of services.

For more information on our eAPIS service, please call our Premium Services office at 731–855–8000 between 9am and 5pm Eastern Time.

FltPlan Stats

In the last quarter of 2017, filed 83.8% of all flight plans filed by Learjets using an N#

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