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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     January 26, 2017
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Humanitarian Flights: Easily Enter STS/HUM in Item 18 of your
ICAO Format Flight Plan

As the FAA continues plans to eliminate Domestic Format flight plans for general aviation, FltPlan stays on top of the changes. In our latest enhancement, FltPlan makes life a little easier for those of you creating flight plans for humanitarian reasons.

Now, when a pilot uses the CMF, NGF, or HRF call signs in a flight plan, we will automatically put STS/HUM in item 18 of an ICAO Format flight plan. To use this feature:

  1. Select ICAO Format when creating your flight plan
  2. Enter your assigned CMF, NGF, or HRF call sign in the Call Sign (Optional) box

FltPlan takes care of the rest. We will automatically put STS/HUM in item 18, and also put your telephony (COMPASSION, ANGEL FLIGHT, or HERO-FLIGHT) in the remarks section of the flight plan.

We know that there’s a lot on your plate. FltPlan wants to take some of the stress out of flying a humanitarian mission.

FltPlan Go for Android

IMAGEIMAGEWe’ve seen significant growth in use of our FltPlan Go Android app over the last year on both tablets and phones.

We frequently receive requests for more information on downloads and many users are unaware of the Download Status feature built into this section. Selecting the Downloads icon, then the Downloaded Files button will display the status of all downloaded files – downloaded, not downloaded, expired, or future cycle. You can select "Update All" or "Update Expired" within each section. This feature is a true time saver and a great way to ensure that your procedures and charts are current. This feature is also available on our iPad/iPhone and Windows 10 apps.

The current release of the FltPlan Go Android app includes the ability to import and export custom waypoints and a Howgozit feature to track actual versus estimated time enroute.

With FltPlan Go, we believe in allowing our users the freedom and flexibility of being able to use any device that fits their budget and needs. FltPlan Go for Android is available on the Google Play Store.

FltPlan Offers Flight Release for Part 135 and Commercial Operators

FltPlan now offers a Flight Release NavLog format for Part 135 and commercial operators. This premium option includes columns for the operator’s name, contingency fuel, enroute reserve, hold reserve, and pilot signature. The Flight Release NavLog also conforms to the requirements of FAR Part 121.687 and 125.403.

For more information, please email

FltPlan’s Clearance Hotline

IMAGEThe upper right side of FltPlan's NavLog displays FltPlan’s Clearance Hotline number. On the rare occasion that ATC doesn’t have your clearance, you can use this number to contact FltPlan. We will immediately ask your username and check your account to see what the problem is.

The most common clearance issues are caused by pilot oversight. They are, in order of occurrence:

  1. Forgetting to select the flight plan for filing
  2. Filing for the wrong day
  3. Filing for the wrong time
  4. Filing with the wrong tail number / call sign
  5. Calling for the clearance more than 30 minutes before scheduled departure time

With FltPlan’s new Clearance Hotline, you now have a 'friend', 24/7, who can quickly check what the issue might be and correct it for you. When warranted, we will refile the flight plan. This number is specifically for clearance issues; no other questions will be answered, as the line must be kept free for pilots with immediate clearance concerns.

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • Clearance Delivery / Ground / ATC should have your clearance no more than 30 minutes before departure. If your departure time is more than 30 minutes in the future, then tell ATC what your proposed departure time is, and ask if they can 'pull it up' from the system
  • The Hotline is solely for use when ATC doesn’t have your clearance. Support questions are handled by emailing

FltPlan’s Clearance Hotline is just one more free service that FltPlan provides to help your flight go smoothly.

FltPlan Stats

The top 10 most flown business aircraft in 2016 were: Pilatus PC12, King Air 200, Citation Excel, King Air 350, King Air 90, Citation 560, Beechjet/Hawker 400, Hawker 800, CitationJet CJ1, Learjet 45.


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