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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     January 14, 2016
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Important Things to Know About FltPlan Filing

FltPlan Tech Routes1. While FltPlan is well known for IFR flight planning, did you know FltPlan can also handle your VFR flight plans with ease? To create a VFR flight plan, it's as simple as selecting VFR on the screen where you enter the departure and arrival airports. Using for your VFR flight plans, you'll get the same precise enroute times and fuel burns as you do with an IFR flight plan.

2. The FltPlan system allows you to pick up an enroute IFR clearance over a fix, and still have an accurate Navigation Log from departure airport to arrival airport.

3. FltPlan provides accurate Navigation Logs, even when filing TEC Routes from the West Coast. FltPlan lets you select the TEC route by name (along with its description), and also gives you a Navigation Log for all fixes along the route. You can also view the full FAA TEC routes from the A/FD on our website and in the Documents section on our FltPlan Go app. Please note, TEC Routes must be filed in ICAO format.

FltPlan Weight & BalanceFltPlan's Weight & Balance Profile Database Continues to Grow

FltPlan's extensive database of Weight & Balance profiles is always expanding. Our most recent additions are the Piper PA-24-260B Comanche and the Mitsubishi MU-300 Diamond Jet. Create your Weight & Balance profiles on, and then auto-sync them to your FltPlan Go app for iPad and Android. Your profiles can be accessed on multiple devices – anywhere, anytime. There is no need to re-enter your aircraft parameters, and this information can be used while offline. Additionally, your Weight & Balance calculations can be emailed to up five different people. FltPlan's Weight & Balance program, with over 500 makes and models of aircraft, is the right choice to suit any pilot's needs. As always, FltPlan can customize and create a Weight & Balance profile for almost any aircraft when provided with the appropriate aircraft manuals. If interested, please email

To set up your Weight & Balance on, click on the Tools button on the left hand side of the Main Menu page and select the Weight & Balance link.

FltPlan's Integrated eLogbook Feature

eLogBookAs many of you are aware, FltPlan offers an online, cost free, eLogbook program for recording flight information. This tool can be used as a standalone logbook program or directly with your existing account, making the transfer of flight plans stress free. FltPlan's eLogbook program includes the ability to customize existing flights entered with specific conditions of flight. Your aircraft profiles can be entered into the program to eliminate the need to enter aircraft make/model with every new eLogbook entry. You can also import your past total hours, add passenger info to each flight, and export your logbook to an Excel spread sheet for printing or emailing. eLogbook includes 77 FAA official instructor endorsement forms. In addition, the program can be used for storing these endorsements. To help you get started, we have a complete eLogbook manual with detailed instructions on using the program. Our tech team is readily available to answer any questions you may have.

To get started, go to Main Menu > Tools > eLogbook. This program can also be used on with our mobile app, allowing entries to be made right from FltPlan Go.

Stop by to See Us at NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers

Members of the FltPlan Team will be available at Booth #731 at the 2016 NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference in Tampa, Florida. Stop by to see us if you have questions about the FltPlan website, the FltPlan Go app, or any of our Premium Services.

FltPlan Stats

79.8% of all N#-registered flight plans for Pilatus PC-12s and
Super King Airs (BE20, BE30, B350) were filed by FltPlan in December 2015.


Important: Keep Your Contact Information Up-to-Date

Sometimes it's necessary for FltPlan to contact a pilot. If a flight plan can't be filed because of incorrect data, we need to talk to the pilot to correct it. There might also be an emergency, a problem with your flight plan, or you may have forgotten to cancel your flight plan, making it necessary for FltPlan to reach you.

If you've been using FltPlan for years, your information may have changed since you created your account. Avoid unnecessary delays by making sure your phone numbers and email are current. There is room in the pilot info slots to label whether the number is for home, office, or cell, for example 203-555-1222 cell. Utilizing this is a great way to avoid us calling your family and worrying them needlessly.

To keep your contact information current, go to Main Menu > Settings > User/Pilot Info on the left side of the Main Menu page of We will also check emergency contact info in your ICAO data for your aircraft.

Rest assured, we will not sell your phone number or email address or use it for any other reason than an emergency or an issue with your flight plan.

Follow FltPlan on Twitter

TwitterIf you haven’t been following FltPlan on Twitter, now is the time to start. With access to FltPlan’s tweets, you can be among the first to get news about our changes and enhancements. FltPlan’s Twitter feed is a great resource for helpful tips, useful information, and updates regarding new features on our website or apps. Click here to follow FltPlan on Twitter.

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