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Weight & Balance: Another Great FltPlan Tool

No matter what device you're using, FltPlan's Weight & Balance information is at your fingertips. Our free Weight & Balance program is available on the full website, on the Android apps, or on the iPad apps. The apps’ Weight & Balance features integrate with your online information. You can import your aircraft weight and balance data directly to your app, with no need to re-enter your aircraft parameters, and then use this data offline. This is a great tool that will let you do last minute calculations on the ramp or while enroute and planning your next fuel load. Recent enhancements to our Weight & Balance program are:

  • The ability to email Weight & Balance calculations to up to five different email addresses
  • Percent of MAC
  • Variable fuel arm
  • Multiple fuel tanks

FltPlan continues to add more aircraft to our Weight & Balance program. We have more than 500 makes and models of aircraft in our database. Whether you're flying a glider, a helicopter, a crop duster, or a jet, FltPlan's Weight & Balance can work for you.

Set up your Weight & Balance on the FltPlan website by clicking on the Tools button on the left side of the Main Menu page and selecting the Weight & Balance link.

Click here to read our Weight & Balance Tutorial.

Click here to read our Weight & Balance FAQs.

Weight & Balance

The free Weight & Balance tool
includes a database of more than
500 aircraft makes and models.

FltPlan’s Updated eLogbook Feature


With its updated look, our full-featured eLogbook tool is easier to view and simpler to use. It also includes great new features.

The eLogbook program can be used as a stand-alone logbook program or in conjunction with your FltPlan account, so you can transfer your flight plans directly without retyping all your data. You can also import your past totals, add passenger info to each flight, and export your logbook to an Excel spread sheet for printing or emailing. Pilots using the same FltPlan account can use eLogbook while keeping their logbook entries separate.

The eLogbook tool offers selectable columns and works with flights for both captain and co-pilot. Additionally, it allows you to set up aircraft profiles based on tail numbers. It will then fill in the appropriate categories like twin engine jet, seaplane, etc. You can enter your past flights or begin with totals from previous logbooks. Use eLogbook to store passenger info including names, addresses, and phone numbers and then assign them to the appropriate flights.

Set up your eLogbook on the website before using it on your tablet. It will then be possible to add logbook entries directly from your mobile device. To get started, go to Main Menu > Tools > eLogbook.

Click here to see the eLogbook Manual.

Check Out FltPlan’s Free Checklist Tool

Completing the checklist is an important step in safe flying, and FltPlan makes the job easier. With our Checklist tool you can enter a checklist in your account and take it with you on your iPad or Android tablet, using either the FltPlan Go or the Legacy apps.

With FltPlan's Checklist tool, you can see each item being checked off as it's completed, ensuring that no step is accidentally missed.

There are additional features available with this function such as the ability to quickly transfer your checklist to other tail numbers or to another account. You can also save or print the checklist with a few simple commands. This program also offers an optional voice synthesizer.

Set up your Checklist on the website by clicking on the Tools button on the left side of the Main Menu and selecting Checklist from the sub-menu.

  • Once in the Checklist Menu you will see the tail numbers for each aircraft.
  • Click the Add button and select the type of aircraft. If your aircraft is listed click Select next to the model; if not, select the Custom Checklist.
  • Click the View button to see the checklist. From the next screen you can add new categories. Click Add New for a custom checklist. To review and edit the pre-loaded categories, click Select.
  • The next screen is the pre-flight list of Items and Actions within the category that you just selected.

If you don't see a checklist for your aircraft, let us know and we will add it. Email your checklist to along with your username and N number.

Click here to read our Checklist Tutorial.



FltPlan has WAC Charts

As one of our latest free enhancements, FltPlan has added WAC charts to the website and mobile apps.

World Aeronautical Charts (WACs) cover land areas at a standard size and scale (1:1,000,000) for navigation by moderate speed aircraft and aircraft operating at high altitudes. The topographical information includes city tints, principal roads, railroads, distinctive landmarks, drainage patterns, and relief. The aeronautical information includes airports, airways, and restricted areas.

The WAC charts can be accessed from any of the map pages on FltPlan or by selecting WAC on the mobile apps. These charts are great for jet and turbo prop pilots for use on their mobile devices. They take up less space than sectionals on mobile devices, and they are available for use offline. FltPlan’s WAC charts include Puerto Rico, Haiti, the Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, U.S. and British Virgin Islands, St. Maarten, and northern Mexico as far south as Cabo San Lucas.


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