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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     February 15, 2018
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Rapid Recalculation of Quick Info for Aircraft or Altitude Change

In our latest update to Quick Info, we have added the ability to change your aircraft and/or altitude with the click of a mouse. Check your winds and fuel burn with one altitude and aircraft, then use the drop–down menu to see what the data would be at another altitude or with a different aircraft.


Quick Info gives you fast, accurate information for planning trips. You can find such information as:

  • Intermediate Fuel Stop planning, based on distance and/or flight time
  • 90% probability flight time using Historical Winds
  • Worldwide historical winds
  • True Airspeed/Winds Aloft Matrix
  • World wide airports database
  • Approach Plates
  • Weather
  • Route Map of your flight
  • Time Zone info, Sunrise/sunset info, Hotel information, and more

To find Quick info, go to Main Menu > Flight Planning > Quick Info.

Check Your Aviation Forecast 4 Days Out with MOS for FltPlan Go iOS

MOS takes weather to another level by providing pilots with access to airport–specific, aviation related details that are not available from traditional forecasts, like TAFs. MOS forecasts include important and practical details necessary for pre–flight planning such as temperature, ceiling height, visibility, wind speed and direction, the probability of precipitation, and the precipitation type. Potentially significant, location–specific factors such as terrain characteristics and weather anomalies, not accounted for in traditional forecasts, are factored into the MOS forecast.

MOS forecasts provide weather data for up to four days out, presented in 3–hour windows, and refreshed hourly. FltPlan’s MOS weather on FltPlan Go is unique because your route of flight is displayed, along with the easy to read, color–coded MOS forecast, for the actual time that you are flying. MOS forecasts are available for 2,000–plus airports. If your location does not have a MOS forecast, we provide information for the nearest MOS reporting airport.

MOS is also available on FltPlan Go iOS under the Maps tab (MOS button), and on the Airports tab under MOS. MOS forecasts are also available on FltPlan Go Android and For more information on MOS in FltPlan Go, see our tutorial or download FltPlan Go for iPad here.

Save Frequently Flown Routes for Easy Retrieval

Did you know that you can store up to 500 of your personal flight plan routes and notes by using Stored Routes? In addition, you can add notes associated with these routes. For example, you could add fuel burn numbers from a trip, ATC maximum altitudes, or any other notes that you feel would be helpful for the next time you fly between the same airport pair.

After saving a route (and notes) for an airport pair, the next time that you create a flight plan between these same airports, the Stored Route and Notes will be displayed. Now you can easily select the route for use in your flight plan. For faster viewing, the Stored Routes section also sorts your different stored routes between city pairs by the departure airport and arrival airport.


How best to use Stored Routes:

  • After flying a trip, go to Stored Routes (Main Menu > Settings > Stored Routes)
  • The Stored Routes page will have your recent flights listed with the filed route
  • If necessary, make any changes to the route that was assigned by ATC that will help on the next trip
  • Add any notes that will help for future flights
  • Save the changes
  • Next time you create a New Flt Plan, your Stored Route and notes for the same city pair will automatically be displayed

Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs) Now Part of FltPlan’s SMS

FltPlan’s comprehensive SMS program now includes SPIs (Safety Performance Indicators). SPIs are data–based parameters that measure certain characteristics about safety events. Our system also displays a color–coded graph as required by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

Once identified by your organization's SMS, SPIs are a way to align the events with safety targets and assess performance. FltPlan’s SPI page allows you to select parameters for Performance Report Options, then quickly view:

  • Performance Overview
  • Individual Reports
  • Yearly – Actual vs. Target on a variety of topics, including altitude deviations and runway incursions

SMS is a premium service. For more information, click here. To sign up, call 731–855–8000 Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Time.

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