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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     February 16, 2016
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FltPlan Offers Worldwide Historical Winds on Quick Info

FltPlan has offered U.S. Historical Winds for trip planning since 2005. Now we also include International Historical Winds. Whether you’re flying from Denver to Des Moines or from Boston to Barcelona, FltPlan can provide you with historical winds with 90% predictive accuracy.

FltPlan’s Historical Winds work for all of Europe, so even if we don’t file flight plans to your destination, you can still use our wind data to plan your trip.

Pictured below are the historical winds for February 16th:


The historical winds for June 16th, below, show a 41 knot difference in the average tailwind and the potential for a 57 knot difference in best tail winds compared to February 16:


Just go to Main Menu > Flight Planning > Quick Info, choose the date of your trip, and enter your departure and arrival airports. We’ll provide you with the Best Possible Winds, Worst Possible Winds, and Average Winds. With FltPlan’s proprietary program, there is a 90% probability that your flight time will fall between the best and the worst. Besides being date specific, all information is based on aircraft performance for your specific aircraft.

New HowGozit Tool on FltPlan Go

FltPlan Go’s new HowGozit is the companion tool for our highly accurate NavLog. HowGozit gives you real time progress of how your flight is proceeding along your route.

When you pass a point, just enter your time over the fix and fuel on board. HowGozit will not only give you an accurate new ETA, it will let you know your planned fuel on board upon landing.

If you have GPS on your device, HowGozit automatically gives you the time over the fix, eliminating the need to manually enter it. The numbers are based on our precise NavLog figures and not just your current ground speed.

You can use this feature in Maps by displaying your route in My Routes, tapping on split-screen (blue square icon with two arrows), then tapping on HowGozit. You can also use this feature in NavLogs by tapping on the split-screen and selecting HowGozit.

Pilots’ Choice Awards Voting Started February 1, 2017

IMAGE2017 Pilots’ Choice voting is now underway. Make sure to cast your votes after logging in to your account. You’ll have a chance to select your favorite FBOs in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean; favorite tower location; Best ATC Center; the Star and Ace categories, which recognize smaller FBOs who provide excellent service and more.

Last week, at the Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference in Ft. Worth, TX, FltPlan had the opportunity to meet with the 2016 Pilots’ Choice Award winner for best Mexican FBO. Here is the team from CSL International Airport, MMSL, receiving their trophy.

Voting ends on March 31, 2017 and winners will be announced in May. Good luck to all FBOs!

FltPlan Stats has had a 7.3% increase in the number of international manifests sent to
Customs and Border Protection in the last year.


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