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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     February 4, 2016
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FltPlan and Oakland Center Working Together
for Smooth Super Bowl Routing

superbowlSuper Bowl 50 is coming and FltPlan is prepared to meet your flight planning needs. FltPlan is cooperating with Air Traffic Control to help minimize traffic control delays during the Super Bowl. We will be working proactively to modify any of your routes to conform to the requirements of Oakland Center for arrivals and departures out of the Oakland airspace during the Super Bowl.

FltPlan is making it simple for users. All you need to do is enter your flight plan into as soon as possible, and FltPlan will change the route to help streamline the heavy traffic flow during the Super Bowl. In your Remarks section of the flight plan you will see FltPlan SB Rte. This is to signify to Oakland Center that this route has been vetted as conforming to their requirements. Also, in the Notes section under your flight plan, a notice will appear saying that the route has been modified. During the Super Bowl, as on all days, FltPlan will be submitting your flight plans to the FAA's CDM program (Traffic Flow Management System) up to 22 hours in advance. We will also be filing your flight plan 12 hours in advance as part of our RAFT (Reactive Advanced Filing Technology) program. You can help us to keep things running smoothly by not waiting until the last minute to enter your flight plan.

For more on RAFT, see our previous article.

Follow this link to read about CDM.

FAA Proposal Will Require ICAO Format Flight Plans for Domestic Flights

The FAA is once again proposing to implement flight planning for civil aircraft exclusively under the ICAO format flight plan. Starting on October 1, 2016, the FAA plans to eliminate use of the domestic format flight plan and make the transition to ICAO format.

This is business as usual at FltPlan. We have been filing ICAO format flight plans since 2008, and we have you covered. Go to Main Menu > Settings > A/C ICAO Data and select your aircraft to make sure your data is entered. If you have any trouble, shoot us an email at Once your ICAO data is in place, it is as easy as clicking the IFR (ICAO Format) button when creating your flight plan.

To view or print a copy of your ICAO format flight plan, display your NavLog and click the ICAO FP Listing button at the bottom of the page.

FltPlan Go Apptitude: This Week's Tips from the FltPlan Tech Team

FltPlan GoFltPlan Go has added Split Screen to the Maps and NavLogs view. This exciting new feature allows you to simultaneously view a variety of other information without leaving the Maps or NavLogs view. Use Split Screen to view Airport information, our new Flight Instruments (AHRS) feature, Procedures, NavLogs, Weather, or several key Tools, in conjunction with your selected Maps layer or NavLog.

Another helpful new feature is Messages from located in the Settings menu. For important messages, you will get a pop-up message when you open the app. If you have any unread messages, you will see a number in red on the Settings icon.

The new Enhanced Route View now displays real-time information for each leg of your route. This new view shows you which leg of your route you are on, the distance to the next point, and, once airborne, will estimate the time to the next point and your destination. You can use this in conjunction with your NavLog for time comparisons of ETE and ETA.

We've also added a new layer in Maps for IFR Terminal Charts. IFR Terminal Charts are more detailed and should be used when flying near Class B Airspace. These charts show congested terminal areas at a larger scale.

FltPlan Go for iPad now features a Split Screen option for Maps and NavLogs, shown on left, and an Enhanced
Route View that displays real-time information for each leg of your route, shown on right.

Split Screen
FltPlan Stats

79.6% of all N#-registered flight plans for Pilatus PC12, and
King Air 200 and 300 Series turboprop aircraft were filed by FltPlan in January 2016.

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FSS and Clearance Delivery

Pilots' Choice Awards Voting Started February 1, 2016

It's time for the 2016 Pilots' Choice Awards. Voting started February 1st and continues until March 31st. During the voting period, go to to cast your ballot. You'll have a chance to vote for your favorite FBO, favorite tower location, and more. Winners will be announced online in May.

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