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New Features on Free iPad Go App

Pencil featurePencil Tool. The Pencil Tool lets you enter your shapes, markers, and/or text on the moving maps section.

Some uses of this feature are:

  • The Point tool lets you place a variety of symbols (like an cross, an X, a square, etc.). Use this to mark traffic pattern entry points, mark your house, or mark a point you fly over.
  • The Draw feature can be used to create lines or shapes on the maps. A flight instructor can define a practice area on the sectional map for their students.
  • The Text tool lets you enter text for whatever you wish on the map. This can be used in conjunction with the other pencil features for making notes along your route.

The Pencil Tool can be accessed by clicking on the pencil icon on the top center of the Maps page.

Extended Runway Centerline Feature. With this new feature, all the runways for your arrival airport will have a 7 mile extension shown on the maps. This is a great visual aid for identifying the orientation of the available runways at your landing airport and your aircraft position. You can also change the color of the Runway extensions for better contrast on the map background you are using, or you can turn this feature off.

The Extended Runway Centerline feature can be accessed from the Maps page, and using Map Option, then Runway Option section.

Edit Route Using Tokens or Text. iPad Go now lets you view/enter/modify your route in either tokens or text. Tokens is a simple way of manipulating your route by pressing and moving around a fix or airport in the entry box. However, sometimes just typing text seems a more logical way to enter a route. iPad Go now gives you the choice of using either method and the ability to switch back and forth on the same route.

This feature can be accessed from the Maps page, and using the Edit button, and then selecting either Tokens or Text.

Edit Route with TokensEdit Route with Text

The Edit Route feature allows you to view, modify, or enter your route with either tokens (on left) or text (on right).

Download the FltPlan Go Tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Fltplan’s Pressure & Density Altitude Calculator Feature

FltPlan offers a free, easy-to-use Pressure & Density Altitude Calculator. This professional grade tool is available on the website, as well as on the iPad and Android apps.

Our calculator offers a multitude of options and features:

  • You can enter an altitude in feet or meters, a pressure in Hg or millibars, and a temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • In addition, you can enter in an Airport ID in the altitude text field. This will automatically populate with the appropriate altitude. For example, typing in "ASE" will provide an altitude for KASE (7838 ft). You can view this in feet or meters.
  • This tool will display ISA for the altitude entered and the ISA deviation for the actual temperature entered.
  • Can be used online or offline.
  • We also provide a quick link to view the weather for that airport. Once you type in an Airport ID a "Get Wx" button will appear. Selecting this button will allow you to quickly view the weather for the airport.

After several uses, you'll soon find this an indispensable part of your flights. You can find this feature in the Tools section of the FltPlan Go apps or on the Weather page. It can also be found on the full website by going to Main Menu > Tools.

Pressure Density Calculation for KASEPressure Density Calculation for KLKP

These FltPlan Go screens show pressure density calculations for Aspen (KASE) in summer (on left) and Lake Placid (KLKP) in winter (on right).

Use FltPlan to Check Fuel Prices for your Canadian Flights

FltPlan now offers up-to-date fuel prices for Canadian airports in our coverage area. Prices are in Canadian dollars per liter, unless otherwise stated.

Fuel prices appear on the Airport/FBO Info page or the Area Fuel Prices page. Both can be found by clicking on the Airports & FBOs button on the left side of the Main Menu page and selecting the appropriate link. You can also click on the airport in your Active Flight Plan List to get to the Airport/FBO Info page.

Fuel prices are also available on the FltPlan Go app for online and offline viewing.

If you are an FBO, and would like to promote your fuel sales, please contact or see

Pilots’ Choice Awards Voting Underway

Voting for the 2015 Pilots' Choice Awards has begun and continues until March 31st. Go to to cast your ballot for your favorite FBO, favorite tower location, and more. Winners will be announced online in April.

Click here to check out last year's Pilots' Choice Winners.

Pilots' Choice Awards

Visit FltPlan at the NBAA Regional Forum at PBI

FltPlan will be in West Palm Beach on Thursday, February 19 for the NBAA Regional Forum. Stop by and visit us at Booth 26. We'll be there all day to greet you and answer your questions.

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