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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     December 21, 2017
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New! Check Optimized Routes for Potential Time & Fuel Savings

IMAGEFltPlan now offers an Optimized Routes button on the flight plan entry page, which can provide you with time and fuel efficiency for your flights.

With FltPlan’s Optimized Route feature, actual Planned ATC Routes are calculated for time and fuel burn using the specific parameters of your current flight. The recent user routes and recent Planned ATC Routes are then sorted by the lowest ETEs and Fuel burn numbers while also showing how many times the route has been used as an actual clearance. As most professional pilots know, you can file with a computer-generated 'Optimized' route, but you’d be unlikely to get it unless the optimized route is the same as one of the ATC preferred routes.

Unlike other route optimization programs, FltPlan’s Optimized Routes gives you a realistic expectation that you will get what you filed.

Using Optimized Routes compares your aircraft’s performance data against available routes using the winds for your scheduled departure time. It’s as simple as filling in your flight plan data and clicking Press Here to Optimize Routes. FltPlan will then calculate your route, which will be populated with useful data such as Times Issued, ETE, Fuel, And Extra Distance.

FltPlan helps you plan ahead by showing you the best routes for your flight. Check out the Route Maps, with or without radar. To select one of the Optimized Routes, just click or tap the Copy button on the left side. For more information, click here.

Happy Holidays from FltPlan!

As another year ends, we at FltPlan would like to thank all of our loyal users, now numbering over 165,000. We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.

It’s been an exciting year at FltPlan as we continue to grow. This year, we added many new improvements to our FltPlan Go app, updated the look of our website, and made many other enhancements to our program. It has also been a big year for FltPlan in regard to adding our FltLogic Scheduling and FltPlan Manager programs, allowing corporate flight departments a higher level of account management.

We’d also like to take the time to thank all of our advertisers. With their support, we are able to keep a free site. We hope you’ll support them in the New Year. We provide a list of Display Advertisers which you can find by going to Main Menu > Pilot Resources.

We look forward to continuing to serve all of your flight planning needs in 2018 and beyond.

FltPlan Stats

The number of FltPlan Go users has grown by 14.5% since October 2017.

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