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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     December 15, 2016
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New! 6–Day Forecast for International Destinations

FltPlan now offers 6–Day Forecasts for Canadian, Mexican, Caribbean, and Central American airports and cities. You can access these forecasts from the Weather pages, the Multi Printout display page, and it is also available for your passengers on our Passenger Brief page.

FltPlan Makes Filing and Flying a TEC Route Easy

Within the national airspace system, it is possible for a pilot to fly IFR from one point to another without leaving approach control airspace. This is referred to as "Tower Enroute Control" which allows flight beneath the ATC Center enroute structure. The TEC concept has been expanded (where practical) by reallocating airspace vertically/geographically to allow flight planning between city pairs while remaining within approach control airspace. Pilots are encouraged to use the TEC routes and restrictions when filing flight plans within Southern California. Other airways, which appear to be more direct between two points, may take the aircraft out of approach control airspace resulting in additional delays or other complications.


FltPlan allows you to select TEC routes directly from the flight plan entry page with the click of a mouse. You can also view FAA TEC routes from the website from Main Menu > Tools > Documents. From the FltPlan Go apps, download TEC Routes from Downloads > Documents > TEC Routes Nothern/Southern California.

With FltPlan, not only is the flight plan filed with the ATC TEC Route ID, we also provide a complete Navigation Log with routing, accurate ETE and fuel burn.

FltPlan Go Now Works with PingBuddy and SkyGuard TWX ADS-B

FltPlan has just added the PingBuddy and SkyGuard TWX portable ADS-B units to the list of devices compatible with FltPlan Go. The PingBuddy and SkyGuard are the latest in a growing list of portable receivers and aircraft-mounted equipment that FltPlan Go supports. FltPlan Go already works with the following ADS–B units: Avidyne, Dynon, Free Flight, L–3 Lynx, Dual XGPS170, iLevil 2 SW, Flight Data System’s Pathfinder, Sagetech Clarity, and Stratux. Don't get locked into an app that doesn't allow you to choose the best ADS-B receiver for your individual needs.

To download our free iPad FltPlan Go app, go to the Apple App Store and search FltPlan or click here. For Android users, go to the Google Play Store.

FltPlan Stats

In November, FltPlan filed 88.6% of all N#–registered flight plans for
Cessna Citation Ultras and Citation Excels.


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