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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     December 1, 2016
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IMAGELet FltPlan Help You with European SMS Requirements

The European Union now requires non-EU registered commercial operators planning to fly into the EU to file an application for approval. This approval, known as the TCO Authorization, can only be granted by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) . It allows applicants to operate commercially in Europe. To receive TCO authorization, operators must meet ICAO SMS Standards.

FltPlan’s already successful SMS system can help you meet these requirements by guiding you through the process of becoming IS–BAO registered for meeting the EASA requirements. We have three full-time SMS auditors on staff and have been providing SMS services since 2010.

Our comprehensive SMS program meets Europe and Canada’s requirements for turbine equipment. Among the many features of FltPlan’s SMS program are the following:

• Written and online documentation of implementing Compliant SMS for your company
• Guidance on use of ICAO / FAA / Transport Canada / IS–BAO compliant templates
• An SMS Compliance Certificate for each aircraft in your fleet
• Expert SMS phone and email support
• Dashboard showing FRATs (Flight Risk Assessment Tool), Open Risks, Special Messages and Training notices
• Multiple, customizable FRATs
• Individual account and dashboard for each user / employee
• Fully accessible by company employees without FltPlan accounts

For more information, click here.

You can enroll in our SMS service by calling our Premium Services office at 731-855-8000 between the hours of 8am and 5pm Eastern Time.

Import External .fpl files and Custom Waypoints into FltPlan Go

You can now import flight plans created on other systems direclty into FltPlan Go for iPad using a .fpl format. Waypoints in KMZ, KML and CSV format can also be imported into iPad and Android.

This can be done several ways:
1. By emailing the files to yourself and opening them onto the device. Once opened, tapping on the email attachment will generate FltPlan Go to open it automatically or prompt you to choose which program you wish to open the files with.

2. Airdrop the files onto your device via your Macbook computer or from another device containing the file.

To import CSV files, the format must follow the exact template to be rendered transferable: WAYPOINT, LAT, LONG, DESCRIPTION. The first row of your CSV file must follow this format exactly in order for FltPlan Go to read it as a list of waypoints.

Satcom Direct Users: Upload Your Flight Plans and Get Your Pre-Departure Clearance (with Recall Number) Emailed to You

You may already know that, in conjunction with Satcom Direct, allows you to get your NavLog information sent directly to the flight deck. There’s no need to type all your data into your FMS. This saves time and cuts down on data entry errors. Your FMS computer can be pre-populated with the following data from your flight plan:

• Route of flight
• Navigation points and intersections
• SIDs and STARs
• Winds aloft data
• Fuel Burn Info

If you’re a Satcom Direct customer, you can also get your pre-departure clearance directly from your Active Flight Plan List. Not only that, you can get both your PDC and Recall number sent to you as an email or a text message. The PDC email will only go to the PIC/SIC associated with that flight, based on your filed flight plan. To activate this feature, go to the User/Pilot Info link on the left side of the Main Menu page and select the File Notify column.

For more information on uploading your flight plan data through Satcom Direct, contact Satcom sales at 321-777-3000.

Easily Share Your NavLog and Weather

Whether you are a flight instructor, charter operator, or work in a flight department, you can use our Shared Account feature to easily view another FltPlan user's flight plans and weather.

FltPlan”s shared Navigational Log and Weather feature includes Multi Printout, Route Weather, and Flt Listing. With pilots set up for sharing data across independent FltPlan accounts, users can view Routes, NavLogs and current Weather/Notams for another pilot’s flight. These can also be downloaded to iPad, Android, or Windows devices for online and offline use. Access is restricted to viewing the Route, NavLog and Weather/Notams; each account is protected from changes by others.

Both pilots must opt in, using their respective accounts in the Share NavLog/WX page (Main Menu page > Settings > Share NavLog/WX).

To view shared NavLogs and Weather, go to Main Menu page > Flight Planning > Multi Printout.

FltPlan Stats has had a 13.6% growth in the number of flight plans filed in the last 3 years for November


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