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News and Information for FltPlan Users      •     December 17, 2015
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FltPlan Go now Works with L-3 Lynx ADS-B Receiver

Lynx L-3 ADS-B

FltPlan has just added the L-3 Lynx ADS-B to the list of devices compatible with FltPlan Go. The Lynx is a Mode S transponder, traffic system, MFD, GPS/WAAS and datalink weather system for your flight deck. The Lynx is the latest in a growing list of portable receivers and aircraft-mounted equipment that FltPlan Go supports. FltPlan Go app already works with the following ADS-B units: Dual XGPS170, iLevil 2 SW, Flight Data System's Pathfinder, and Sagetech Clarity (for iOS only). Don't get locked into an app that doesn't allow you to choose the best ADS-B receiver for your individual needs.

To download our free iPad FltPlan Go app, go to the Apple App Store and search FltPlan or click here. For Android users, go to the Google Play Store.

Print or Email Your NavLog with Notes

Now, you can annotate, edit, and sign your NavLogs and email or print your edits directly from FltPlan Go. This is a great feature for those that make annotations on their NavLog while they are flying and want to have a permanent record. It's also handy for those operators that require the crew to acknowledge receipt of the navigation log and weather briefing or to keep a permanent record for audits.

To use this feature, just tap on the screen and icons will appear for drawing on, printing and emailing the Navigation Log.

For more information, watch our Viewing NavLogs from FltPlan Go video.

Get Professional International Handling with FltPlan

As part of our suite of services, FltPlan offers professional International Handling to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Unlike other handling services, with FltPlan what you're quoted is what you pay. You won't receive additional bills over and above what you're quoted weeks or months later. Our professional, full-time staff is available to check all your documents for completeness, accuracy, and currency; check your insurance requirements; pay your overflight fees; meet your aircraft with trip information; and much more.

Our bilingual handling staff offers local expertise, working relationships with local governments, and personal experience flying in the region.

With our full handling service we provide:

  • APIS Services: Filing of U.S., Mexico and CARICOM APIS
  • Airspace Fees: Most countries charge for the use of their airspace. Avoid being denied entry into airspace or being detained on the ground due to unpaid fees
  • Overflight and Landing Permits: Avoid delays, fines or denial of entry into foreign airspace or airports. We obtain the required permits for you
  • Aeronautical Planning: Identify preferred routes, recommended airports of landing and process overflight and landing permits
  • Ground Handling: Breeze through arrival formalities and have us take care of paying all local fees and arranging lodging and transportation for the crew
  • U.S. CBP Overflight Exemptions: Fly directly to your destination in the U.S. without having to stop at the border first
  • Charter Operating Permits: Be in compliance with local laws and regulations when operating a charter flight to other countries

It's easy to go online and get a quote for your next trip. First create your flight plan, then look for the Handling message link below your international flight plan on the Active Flight Plan List. Click on the link, complete the information, and within 48 hours we will get back to you with a quote for providing complete, personalized handling for your trip.

FltPlan Stats

The number of FltPlan Go users increased by 10% from October to November 2015.


Use "Call Sign (Optional)" to Satisfy the FAA REG/ Requirement

The FAA has released InFO 15015 notifying operators about the need to file REG/ in Item 18 of their ICAO Format flight plan.

FltPlan makes this easy for you. If you regularly use a call sign, you should enter your call sign directly in your aircraft profile, so that whenever you create a flight plan with that aircraft, the call sign is automatically entered in the Call Sign (Optional) text box. Do not put your call sign in the tail number box. This box is for the Aircraft Registration (i.e. the tail number). The call sign should be put in the call sign box on the far right side or in the Call Sign box when creating a flight plan.

To set your default for this feature, go to Main Menu > Settings > Edit Aircraft List. Just add your call sign into the far right column marked Call Sign (Optional).

Call Sign (Optional)

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